Chapter 11

  1. If a program is hung up and not responding, how can you stop it?
    you can end it by going under the task manager ad click End Task
  2. If a necessary program is using too much of system resources and bogging down other applications, what can you do to fix the problem?
    use task manager to lower the priority level of the program.
  3. How can you view a list of users currently signed in to the computer?
    task manager then go to user tab
  4. What is the program file name and extension of system Configuration?
  5. If a nonessential service is slowing down startup, how can you permanently disable it?
    Services.exe can change the startup type
  6. What should be the startup type of a service that should not load at startup but might be used later after startup? What tool can you use to set the startup type of service?
    Manual startup, msconfig tool
  7. List three snap-ins that can be found in the Computer Management console that are used to manage hardware and track problems with hardware?
    Device manager, Disk Management, Task Scheduler
  8. What is the file extension of a console that is managed my Microsoft Management Console?
  9. What is the program file name and extensions of the Microsoft Management Console?
  10. Which log in Event Viewer would you use to find out about attempted sign-ins to computers?
    Security Log
  11. Which log in Event Viewer would you use if you suspect a problem with the hard drive?
    System log record
  12. Which log in Event Viewer lists only Critical, Error, and Warning events?
    Error, Warnings, or Critical events are logged in the Diagnostic Performance Operational event log
  13. Which Administration tool can you use to clear the print queue of another computer on the network that has a shared printer?
    There are two methods for clearing the print queue with the Administration tool. They are:Method 1- The control panel go under the Control Printers then click printers and then click Cancel All Documents. Method 2 – Command Prompt click Stop the spooler service by typing Net Stop Spooler and then type the del systemrootSystem32spoolprinters*/c
  14. Does Window 8 allow you to extend the desktop taskbar across both monitors in a dual-monitor setup? Windows 7?
    Yes, Windows 8 does allow you extend the desktop taskbar on both monitors in both Windows 8 and Windows 7
  15. What is the path to the Ntuser.dat?
  16. How is the Ntuser.dat file?
    It holds user settings when the user logs on.
  17. What command do you use to find out that version of DirectX your video card is using?
  18. Which Windows tool can you use to find out if the hard drive is slowing down Windows performance?
    Resource Monitor
  19. Which registry key contains information that Device Manager uses to display information about hardware?
  20. If performance does not improve when Windows is loaded on a clean boot, what can you conclude?
    Possible problems with drivers, hardware devices, or window component.
  21. If performance does not improve when windows is loaded in a clean boot, what can you conclude?
    A nonessential system is the cause for slowing down the system
  22. When using System Configuration to stop startup services including Microsoft services, which service should you not stop so that restore points will not be lost?
    volume shadow copy
  23. In what folder does Task scheduler keep scheduled task?
  24. What is the purpose of the Wow6432Node subkey in the Windows registry?
    It is designed to take care of the many differences between 32 bit window and 64 bit window, basically involving structural changes to windows itself
  25. What is the name of the window used to uninstall software?
    Programs and Features
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Chapter 11
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