Ecological Theory

  1. Individual
    Individual characteristics about yourself including gender, age, and health.

    Personal Example: My anxiety effects how I react to certain situations, particularly stress.
  2. Microsystem:
    Refers to the institutions and groups that most immediately and directly impact development. For me, it would be family, friends, work, and school.
  3. Mesosystem:
    Interconnections between the microsystems, Interactions between the family and teachers. Relationship between the peers and the family.

    Example: I used to work with my sister.
  4. Exosystem:
    Involves links between a social setting in which the individual does not have an active role and the individual's immediate context.

    For example, if I'm stressed out at work or school, I take that stress home to my boyfriend.
  5. Macrosystem:
    Describes the culture in which individuals live. This includes the political and social beliefs of the culture, defined by being part of a group with a common heritage or identity.

    For example, we live in a culture that values independence. So, receiving government assistance, getting help, and living with your parents are all frowned upon.
  6. Chronosystem:
    The patterning of environmental events and transitions over the life course, as well as sociohistorical circumstances. 

    An example of a sociohistorical event is the 2016 election. An example of a transition is divorce, as it effected me over the course of my life.
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