Chapter 9 Test questions

  1. In practical terms in everyday use, which of the following statements provides the definition of sterilization?

    a) Sterilization eliminates organisms and their spores or endospores
    b) sterilization eliminates harmful microorganisms and viruses
    c) Sterilization eliminates prions
    d) Sterilization eliminates hyperthermophiles
    a) Sterilization eliminates organisms and their spores or endospores
  2. Which of the following terms best describes the disinfecting of cafeteria plates?

    D) Sanitization
  3. Which of the following types of radiation is more widely used as an antimicrobial technique?

    C) electron beams
  4. Which of the following adjectives best describes a surgical procedure that is free of microbial contaminants?

    C) aseptic
  5. Physical removal of microbes without killing them is

    A) Degerming
  6. Which  of the following are true about disinfectants?

    C) They are used on inanimate surfaces
  7. Which of the following is an example of sanitization?

    E) A public toilet is treated with disinfectants
  8. Which of the following is bacteriostatic?

    C) Freezing below O
  9. An antimicrobial agent that_____ will have the most lasting germicidal effect

    C) damages DNA
  10. Antimicrobial agents that damage nucleic acids also affect

    B) protein synthesis
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