Lifespan development Exam 1

  1. when psychologist speak of lifespan development, they are referring to an approach that emphasizes__
    the periods of the human life span involving both growth and decline
  2. developmental psychologist suggest that some characteristics are of interest to professionals from more than one particularly field of study. Which characteristic of development does his suggest?
    development is multidisciplinary
  3. unusual occurences that have a major impact on an individuals life and are usually not applicable to many people are called:
    nonnormative life events
  4. sociocultural context include 4 important concepts: culture, ethinicity, socioeconomic status and gender. which of these 4 concepts could be defined as "the behavior patterns, beliefs and all other products  of a particular group of people that are passed from one generation to the next
  5. normative age-graded influence
  6. psychologist have learned that the ability to control one's environment can have a powerful effect on a person's health. they have also learned that poor health can influence intellectual functioning. This is an example of:
    the joint influence of biological and cognitive processes
  7. which of the following is not an example of a cognitive process
    an infants response to its mothers touch
  8. which of the following statements regarding developmentalist  and their positions on the issues of nature- nuture- continuity and discontinuity and stability -change is true
    most developmentalist recognize that taking extreme positions on these issues is unwise
  9. the process we refer to when changes in an individuals thoughts, intelligence and language is the ____ process
  10. the most important issues in they study of development include all of the following except
    masculinity and feminity
  11. freud is associated with which theoretical perspective
  12. which psychologist contended trust vs mistrust
  13. the criticisms of psycholanalytic theories include all of the following except
    there is skepticism about the pureness of piagets stages
  14. the theory that emphasizes that individuals manipulate information, monitor it and strategize about is called the ___ theory
    information processing
  15. which of the following statements is an assumption of vygotsy's perspective on development
    children are active in their construction of their understanding of the world around them
  16. which psychologist responsible for originating the theory of attachment
    jon bowlby
  17. __ is to operant conditioning as __ is to social cognitive theory
    • skinner
    • bandura
  18. according to bronfrenner's theory, the macrosystem is
    the culture in which individuals live
  19. which type of research method involves an in depth look at one individual
    case study
  20. which research strategy simultaneously compares individuals of different ages
    cross sectional
  21. which of the following emotions is not generally seen in very young infants
  22. what type of cry is characterized by rhythmic pattern of cry, brief silence, short whistle and a brief rest before the next cry
    basic cry
  23. baby joshua lets out a long initial cry  followed by an extended period of long breath holding. this pattern describes a __ cry
  24. for the average infant, social smiles appear as early as __ in response to a care givers voice
    4 weeks
  25. 3 types of infants temperament
    • 1. easy
    • 2. difficult
    • 3. east to warm up
  26. baby liza has a low activity level is somewhat negative and displays a low intensity of mood. she would best be described as
    slow-to warm up
  27. __ refers to the match between a child's temperament and the environmental demands the child must cope with
    goodness of fit
  28. which of eriksons stages emphasizes  the development of independence during the second year of life?
    autonomy vs shame and doubt
  29. frued emphasized that the infant becomes  attached to the person that provides
    oral satisfaction
  30. according to Bowlby in which phase do infants develop specific attachments
    phase 1
  31. Mai uses her mother as a secure base from which to explore her environment. which type of baby would she be
    securely attatched
  32. which  caregiver style is related to insecure resistant style of attachment in infants
    inconsistently available and usually not affectionate
  33. the principle of reciprocal socialization suggest that
    parents and children both socialize each other
  34. __ is parental behavior that supports children behavior that supports children's efforts, allowing them to be more skillful then they would be if they were to rely solely on their abilities
  35. which of the following countries has the most extensive family leave policy for new families
  36. regarding gender differences in parental caregiving, which of the following statements are true
    maternal interactions usually center on child activities such as feeding, changing diapers and bathing
  37. the national longitudinal study of child care  conducted in 1991 revealed that
    by 4 months of age mostly infants entered some form of nonmaternal child care
  38. which of Erickson's stages of personality development emphasizes the need for an infants environment to be consistently nurturant
    independence vs dependence
  39. the mirror technique was devised as a means of assessing an infants
  40. the evolutionary process that favors individuals of a species that are best adapted to survive and reproduce is called ____
    natutural selection
  41. one idea proposed by evolutionary developmental psychologist is that:
    evolved psychological mechanisms are domain-specific
  42. _____ is the specialized form of cell division that produces an egg and a sperm
  43. humans have __ pairs of chromosomes in normal development cases
  44. phenotype includes what  kind of information
    psychological and physical characteristics
  45. emily has brown eyes, she has a dominant and recessive gene. when we describe her actual genetic makeup we are talking about __
  46. genetic disorder that affects the shape of the RBC's is called
    sickle cell anemia
  47. which sex linked chromosomal abnormality occurs when males have an extra x chromosome?
    klinefelter syndrome
  48. PKU is a _____
    genetic disorder that impairs the metabolizing of a specific , naturally occurring amino acid
  49. a __ is someone who seeks to discover the influence of heredity and enviroment are correlated except
    provacative genotype-enviroment correlations
  50. what is a trophoblast
    the outer layer of cells that develop during the germinal period
  51. the edndoderm, mesoderm and the ectoderm develop during the __ period
  52. which layer of the embryonic cells eventually becomes the circulatory system, bones, excretory system, reproductive system and muscles
  53. which of the following is not part of the embryonic period
    creation of the  zygote
  54. which is the longest period of prenatal development
  55. ____ is/ are factors that cause birth defects
  56. FASD refers to a cluster of abnormalities caused by
    drinking alcohol during pregnancy
  57. which of the following statements  regarding prenatal development risk is true
    maternal nutrition plays a large role in prenatal development
  58. in __ stage of labor , contractions cause the woman's cervix to stretch
  59. the surgical removal of the baby from the uterus is called a/an
  60. babies born after a regular period of gestation but weighing less than ___ pounds are called low-birthweight infants
    5 1/2
  61. regarding bonding, which of the following statements is false
    there is immediate postnatal bonding is critical to the development of complement intelligent infant
  62. the  __ principle of development suggest that growth begins at the top (the head) of the body and moves downward.
  63. the average north american __ inches long and weighs ___ lbs
    20 inches and 7lbs
  64. at birth the newborns brain is about ___ % of its adult weight
  65. which of the following about REM sleep of a newborn is false
    the amount of time spent in REM sleep increases with age
  66. which of the following is not a risk factor for SIDS
    being hispanic
  67. which of the following is a nutritional recommendation for infants
    overall, breast milk is preferable as to formula  unless there is a compelling reason not to breastfeed
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