Early Human History

  1. Homo Habilis
    2.5 Mil - 1.5 Mil

    Technology: Crude Stone Tools

    Social: Limited Speech, Food Gathering, Scavengers
  2. Homo Erectus
    1.8 Mil - 30,000

    Technology: Hand Axes, Stone Tools, Caves, Animal Skin clothing, Fire, Cooking

    Social: Beginning of Language, Nomadic Bands, Hunting and Gathering
  3. Neanderthal
    20,000 - 35,000

    Technology: Spear point, simple shelters, skin laced together for clothing

    Social: Planned burials, care for disabled
  4. Cro-Magnan
    40,000 - 8,000

    technology: Knives, spear throwing, bow and arrows, bone needles, fish hooks, fish nets, sewed leather clothing, sun dried pottery

    social: cooperative big game hunting, status burials for leaders, cave paintings
  5. Anthropology
    Study of bones to learn about behavior
  6. Paleontology
    Study of fossils of animals and plants
  7. Archaeology
    is the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of artifacts
  8. Artifact
    any object touched by human hands
  9. Radio carbon dating
    Dates anything organic
  10. Paleolithic Stone Age
    2.5 Million - 12,000 BC.
  11. Mesolithic Stone Age
    12,000 BC to 8,000 BC
  12. Neolithic Stone Age
    8,000 BC to 5,000 BC
  13. What was the impact of the Ice Ages on early humans?
    Mass extinction on Hominids and land bridges enabled migration to other places
  14. What was the Neolithic Revolution and its impact on humans?
    Birth of farming food generated more than enough food, so the population increased. Specialization of labor led to the formation of villages and civilization as we know it today.
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Early Human History
Early Human History