Hiring and Promotion Decisions

  1. 6 legal claims that arise from the hiring process.
    • 1. Discrimination
    • 2. Fraud
    • 3. Promissory Estoppel
    • 4. Retaliation
    • 5. Blacklisting
    • 6. Defamation
  2. Employers that base hiring and promotion decisions on protected class characteristics are engaging in.... discrimination.
    disparate treatment
  3. When employers (that hire and promote based on protected class characteristics) argue that it is necessary for business reasons, this type of disparate treatment is termed a.... policy or practice.
    facially discriminatory
  4. A limited defense to hiring and promoting based on protected class characteristics is a....
    bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ).
  5. If an employer can establish a BFOQ, the practice of hiring and promoting based on protected class characteristics is....
  6. 2 elements of a BFOQ: Employer must show that...
    • 1. Only persons w/protected class characteristic can do the job, AND
    • 2. the job is integral
  7. 3 grounds for a BFOQ. 

    1. .... (actor in a movie role)
    2. ....(female prison guards infemale prison)
    3. .... (nurses on duty in hospital facility where victims of sexual assault are admitted)
    • 1. Authenticity
    • 2. Public safety 
    • 3. Privacy
  8. The BFOQ defense NEVER applies to....
  9. Sex stereotyping may be the basis for a claim of....
  10. Criteria for which the standards and means of assessment are not clearly specified and are likely to vary across decision-makers.
    Subjective criteria
  11. Subjectivity in the interviewing of candidates for employment tends to be....
  12. Unstructured interview questions which vary from one candidate to another may lead to charges of....
  13. An employer must be able to articulate specific, ....grounds for poor interview performance.
  14. Because of the common law doctrine of Employment at Will, a promise of a job which is then revoked will not result in a valid claim for....
    breach of contract.
  15. Only if the employee has relied to his detriment on the.... (relocating,buying or renting a residence, etc.) are the courts likely to recognize a claim for the equitable remedy of promissory estoppel.
  16. 4 elements of promissory estoppel.
    • 1. Party makes unambiguous promise
    • 2. Recipient acts/relies on promise
    • 3. Reliance is expected by promisor
    • 4. Promissee is harmed by relying on promise
  17. Situations that make women and persons of color less likely to be hired.
    • 1. Not getting jobs w/lines of progression
    • 2. When promotions aren't posted/announced
    • 3. No training/development programs
    • 4. Subjective criteria are relied on
  18. Those artificial barriers based on attitudinal or organizational bias that prevent qualified individuals from advancing in their organization into upper management positions.
    Glass ceilings
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