N454 Leadership Week 3

  1. What is the term for what provides a common picture and shared model for improvement, identifies which parts of the system are important to measure in order to understand and improve care system, helps generate hypotheses for change, understand the culture and context of the environment, and takes a systems approach?
    process analysis
  2. What is the term for those that evaluate actions that are directed to or known to influence the end results?
    process measures
  3. What is the term for what represents the consequences of the process?
    outcome measures
  4. What is the term for a specific, detailed description of the measure so everyone on the improvement team and outside the team knows exactly what each measure describes?
    operational definition
  5. What allows for quick overall assessment of the various measures for the system being evaluated?
    Data Dashboard
  6. What is the term for the process of evaluating successive results and shows that an intervention produces a pattern of change observed in the results?
  7. What is the term for what is inherent to a process and due to regular, natural, or ordinary causes? Results in stable process that is predictable
    common cause variation
  8. What is the term for what is due to effects that are usually outside the steps of process? Results in a process that is unpredictable or unstable
    special cause variation
  9. What is the term for a collection of individual agents who have the freedom to act in ways that are not always predictable and whose actions are interconnected such that one agent's actions change the context for the other agents?
    Complex Adaptive System (CAS)
  10. What is the term for a change that is planned and championed by the leader of a system?
  11. What is the term for a change that contains no prior implemented plan, an adaptive response of a complex system?
  12. What is the PDSA Methodology?
    • Plan: implementation
    • Do: carry out
    • Study: analyze the results
    • Act: results action, determining the consequences
  13. What is the term for the process by which new ideas are communicated over time through a social system with the intended outcome being the adoption of the new ideas?
  14. What is the term for criminal acts, patient abuse, alcohol or substance abuse on the part of the provider (causing impairment), acts defined by an organization as intentionally unsafe?
    blameworthy events
  15. What is the term for a method to work backwards through an event to examine every action that led to the error or event that occurred?
    root cause analysis
  16. What are the 6 themes of Six Sigma?
    • Customer focus
    • Data driven
    • Process emphasis
    • Proactive management
    • Collaboration without boundaries
    • Aim for perfection, tolerates failures
  17. What is the term for the nonprofit that strives to improve the quality of health care by building consensus on performance goals and standards for measuring and reporting them?
    National Quality Forum
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