Civil War Cards

  1. What did southern children (mainly boys) like to play?
    They liked to play soldier, because that's what most of their fathers were.
  2. Who was Robert E. Lee?
    Robert E. Lee was a southern general of Virginia.
  3. How old did children have to be to fight in the war?
    They had to at least thirteen years of age.
  4. What was the youngest child that fought in the Civil War?
    John Clem.
  5. What did John Clem later become?
    He was formerly a drummer, but later became a general after picking up a musket, and shooting a confederate soldier.
  6. How old was Johnnie Clem when ever he enlisted into the army?
    He enlisted in the army to be a drummer at age eleven.
  7. What new gun was invented while the civil war was be fought?
    A machine gun that could shoot two-hundred-fifty rounds in under one minute.
  8. Who did Abraham Lincoln hire to be his general at first?
    He hired General MC. Lean.
  9. Why did Abraham Lincoln fire General MC. Lean?
    Because Lean always never fought, he got all his men killed, as he cowered away.
  10. Who did Jefferson Davis hire to be captain of the confederate ship Alabama?
    He hired Raphael Semmes.
  11. What was the ship Alabama formerly called?
    It was called the Merrimac.
  12. What was the Monitor?
    It was a Union vessel called a submarine, it latter destroyed the Merrimac.
  13. What was General McClellan's nick name?
    The young Napoleon.
  14. What was the book Stonewall?
    It was a book about Robert E. Lee's years while fighting in the Civil War.
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