1. What is the total capacity of the Jacket Water Expansion Tanks for the MPDE’s and what is the normal operating level?
    • 200 Gallons
    • 150 gallons.
  2. When are J/W samples required?
    • After FFT (Freshly Filled and Treat
    • After adding water or inhibitor to system
    • At least monthly IAW PMS.
  3. What is the criteria fro J/W testing?
    • Must operate engine within 24 hours
    • Must sample w/in 10 minutes after reaching operating temp
    • Must test within 1 hour
    • Sample must be 100 deg F. or less.
  4. What NSTM is J/W found?
    NSTM 220 V. 3
  5. What NSTM is for J/W?
    NSTM 220 VOL 3
  6. Jacket water program required samples
    • After freshly filling and treating (FFT)
    • After adding water to the system (AWA)
    • After adding inhibitor to the system (ACA)
    • Monthly (RTE)
    • PMS
  7. What are the reasons for treating diesel engine jacket water
    • Scale
    • Corrosion
    • Cavitation Corrosion
  8. Quality requirements for water used to fill / top off cooling water systems
    • Shipboard Boiler Water (BW) / Feedwater (FW) or Condensate per NSTM 220 V2
    • Shore feedwater per NSTM 220 V2
    • Shore / ship distiller, demineralizers, Reverse Osmosis (R/O) units
    • Shipboard potable water (test in precedence)
    • Shore potable water PROHIBITED except in emergencies
    • Test prior to use for conductivity < 150 µmho/cm or 40 ppm chloride
  9. NALCOOL 2000
    • Coolant To Water Ratio:
    • 3 gal : 100 gal water
    • Testing Limits
    • Nitrite: 1000 ppm min
    • Chloride: 100 ppm max
    • If chloride contamination exceeds 100 ppm take the following corrective actions:
    • Dump and flush entire system
    • Locate and correct source of contamination
    • Fill the cooling system with water and dump
    • Sample and test the flush water for conductivity
    • Continue to flush until water is <150 umho / cm
    • Freshly fill and treat upon completion
  10. What should you do with when ambient temperature is below 50 F?
    JW combustion air heater cic pump must be placed in operation
  11. What are the sampling periodicities for Jacket Water?
  12. What are the limits for JW test?
    100 ppm chlorine
  13. What is the ratio for treating JW?
    3:100 gl of water
  14. What is the normal operating level of the JW tank?
    ½ to ¾
  15. What signs are required to be posted on all JW tanks?
    Poison, do not drink
  16. What NSTM covers JW?
    220 v3
  17. MPDE: What is the JW max outlet temperature across engine?
    190 F
  18. MPDE: What is JW the inlet pressure?
  19. MPDE: What is the JW inlet pressure alarm?
    40 psi
  20. MPDE: JW standby pump wills start at what psi?
    43 psi
  21. MPDE: What is the capacity of JW cooling system (including expansion tank)?
    1,200 gl
  22. MPDE: What should be the temperature prior to securing the JW keep warm?
    150 F
  23. MPDE: What is the JW keep warm pressure?
    43-70 psi
  24. What is the required level in the JW tank prior to starting an Engine?
  25. What chemical is used to treat JW and what purpose does it provide?
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