1. What is MLLOP?
    MPDE Loss of L/O Pressure
  2. What are the indications of MLLOP?
    • L/O header pressure – 70-85 psi
    • Rocker arm L/O pressure – 20-30 psi
    • L/O low pressure alarm – 58 psi
    • Rocker arm L/O low pressure alarm – 10 psi
    • L/O header low pressure shutdown – 50 psi
    • Engine noise increases
  3. NOTE: When can the combustion air shutoff be used?
    Only if the electronic and mechanical E-stops fail
  4. NOTE: What happens to the engine if it’s stopped without allowing time for cooldown?
    may cause damage to the engine
  5. NOTE: When is the best time to bar over the engine after a MLLOP casualty?
    At earliest opportunity
  6. NOTE: What actions to take prior to barring of over an engine?
    • Locally start the main L/O pump – 70-85 psi
    • Locally start the rocker arm L/O pump – 20-30 psi
  7. NOTE: When can you stop the L/O pumps?
    When the engine has come to a complete stop
  8. NOTE: How long can a L/O pump run after engine shutdown?
    No more than 10 min
  9. What is the Controlling Actions of MLLOP?
  10. What is the Immediate Actions of the PACC?
    • “EOOW, loss of L/O pressure _ main engine; E-stopping _ main engine.”
    • Stop affected main engine. Verify clutch disengaged
    • Stop main L/O pump (select “MANUAL” then “STOP”)
    • Shift thrust control to CCS
    • Place affected shaft in “TRAILING”
    • “EOOW, thrust control shifted from pilothouse to CCS. _ main engine stopped, clutch is disengaged, _ shaft trailing ,ECS is in trailing mode.”
  11. What is the Immediate Actions of the EOOW?
    • IMC, “Loss of L/O pressure _ main engine. CRT, lay to (space), report manned and ready.”
    • “OOD, loss of L/O pressure _ main engine. _ main engine stopped.”
    • Order PACC/ to stop L/O purifier.
    • “OOD, _ main engine stopped and _ shaft trailing. Thrust control shifted to CCS. Maximum speed available _ knots.”
  12. What is the Immediate Actions of the Rover/CRT?
    • “Manned and ready.”
    • Verify _ main engine clutch has automatically disengaged. If not, manually disengage/dump the air to _ main engine.
    • “EOOW, _ main engine clutch is disengaged.”
    • Stop _ L/O purifier.
    • “EOOW, _ L/O purifier stopped.”
    • Man firefighting equipment.
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