Medical Sociology Exam 1 (2)

  1. releases the evil spirits by drilling holes in the skull
  2. The first practitioners were
    religious figures because medical conditions were linked with supernatural
  3. Egypt produced two important documents
    code of hammurabi and beers papyrus
  4. first codified set of guidelines for physicians responsibilities
    code of hammurabi
  5. medical textbook summarizing knowledge about disease, diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic measures.
    beers papyrus
  6. The father of medicine
  7. * Humoral theory of disease- 4 natural elements of the world
    air, earth, fire, water
  8. 4 natural properties of the humoral theory
    * Blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile
  9. * Person is healthy when the four humors are in ____ and when the person is in balance with theĀ ___
    balance; environment
  10. 70 books, essays covering several aspects of medicine * Emphasized observation of medical histories and symptoms
    Corpus Hipprocraticum
  11. 3. Teaching of human compassion and ethical standards
    Hippocratic Oath
  12. * Believed that health and illness were determined by the condition of the pores * Prescribed massage, diet, exercise, wine and baths to restore harmony in the body
  13. recognized that unsanitary conditions led to the spread of disease
    The Romans
  14. public health concerns
    * clean water (aqueducts) * public baths * sanitation ordinances (street cleanliness) * system of hospitals
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