Spanish2 Test02 DOP, IOP

  1. lavar
    to wash
  2. llevar
    to carry
  3. me, te, lo/la, nos, los/las
    direct object pronouns
  4. infinitivo
  5. creer
    to believe
  6. esperar
    to wait
  7. invitar
    to invite
  8. amar
    to love
  9. abrazar
    to hug
  10. besar
    to kiss
  11. me, te, le, nos, les
    indirect object proun
  12. dar
    to give
  13. preguntar
    to ask
  14. encontrar
    to find
  15. pasar
    to pass
  16. explicar
    to explain
  17. ofrecer
    to offer
  18. objeto directo
    direct object
  19. objeto indirecto
    indirect object
  20. pegar
    to hit
  21. pegué
    I hit
  22. dar
    to give
  23. doy
    I give
  24. das
    you give
  25. da
    he/she gives
  26. damos
    we give
  27. dan
    they/y'all give
  28. di
    I gave
  29. diste
    you gave
  30. dio
    he/she gave
  31. dimos
    we gave
  32. dieron
    y'all gave
  33. te lo dije
    I told you it
  34. me lo dijiste
    you told me it
  35. me lo dijo
    he/she told me it
  36. me lo dijeron
    they told me it
  37. te dije
    I told you
  38. me dijo
    he/she told me
  39. le dije
    I told him
  40. le di la pelota
    I gave him the ball
  41. Voy a darle la pelota
    I’m going to give him the ball
  42. Voy a dársela
    I’m going to give it to him
  43. Quiero venderle el libro
    I want to sell him the book
  44. Quiere venderme le libro
    He wants to sell me the book
  45. el professor debe explicármelo
    the teacher should explain it to me
  46. debes explicarme la solución
    you should explain to me the solution
  47. quiero comprarlo
    I want to buy it
  48. quiero comprarte el libro
    I want to buy you the book
  49. quiero comprarle el libro
    I want to buy him/her the book
  50. te di el dinero
    I gave you the money
  51. le di el dinero
    I gave him/her the money
  52. te lo di
    I gave it to you
  53. se lo di
    I gave it to him/her/them
  54. se lo diste
    you gave it to him/her/them
  55. se la dio
    he/she gave it to him/her/them
  56. se lo vendo
    I sell it to him/her/them
  57. te los compré
    I bought you them
  58. le compré el libro
    I bought him/her the book
  59. les compré el libro
    I bought them the book
  60. les hablo
    I talk to them
  61. les ofrece el chocolate
    he/she offers them the chocolate
  62. me da el dinero
    he/she gives me the money
  63. se lo da
    he/she gives it to him/her/them
  64. te lo voy a dar
    I’m going to give it to you
  65. voy a dártelo
    I’m going to give it to you
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Spanish2 Test02 DOP, IOP
Spanish2 Test02 DOP, IOP