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  1. Lost the 7 habits
    • Be proactive
    • Begin with the end in mind
    • Put first things first
    • Think win-win
    • Seek first to understand,then to be understood
    • Synergize
    • Sharpen the saw
  2. Habits 1,2 and 3 deal with______
    Self-mastery(private victory)
  3. Habits 4,5,6 deal with____
    Relationships and teamwork(public victory)
  4. Habit 7 deals with_____
  5. What is a paradigm
    Perception about the way things are an incomplete point of view
  6. List the paradigms
    • Friend
    • Stuff
    • Bf/gf
    • School
    • Parent
    • Work
    • Sports/hobbies
    • Enemy
    • Hero
    • Self
  7. PBA deposits
    • Keep roomies to yourself
    • Do small acts of kindness
    • Be honest be gentle with yourself
    • Renew yourself
    • Magnify your talents
  8. Tools to good habits
    • Self awareness
    • Conscience
    • Imagination
    • Willpower
  9. What are principles
    Morals, values and standards
  10. Boring routine
  11. Power of emptiness
    Lao tsu-even trash cans can be useful
  12. Growth in knowledge, insight, and skills
  13. Find life by losing it
    Paschal Mystery
  14. Life is your teacher
    School of life
  15. The motivation and drive to being something new into being
  16. Day free of obligations of work and deadlines
  17. Time not filled up with work and duties
  18. Theologian who write literature but classmates called dumb
    St. Thomas Acquainas
  19. Gold mine; we should not abandon potential
    John Gardner
  20. Philosophy of wasted time; time never wasted because positive things can happen
    Rollo May
  21. Capacity to develop yourself
  22. Purpose of God given talent to build a loving and faithful community
    St. Paul
  23. Ignoring our potential
    Abandoned gold mine
  24. What does learning do for us
    • Offers choice
    • Overcomes fear
    • Gives us competence
    • Helps us cope with change
  25. 7 guidelines for taking responsibility for our learning
    • Form habits of learning
    • Set goals
    • Take initiative
    • Be open be flexible
    • Do not settle simply for what is expected
    • Have courage
  26. 6 motives for working
    • To earn money
    • To fulfill ambitions
    • To develop a sense of identity
    • To do what one loves to do
    • To build a better world
    • To answer a call
  27. Being deprived of work and feeling a loss of meaning and powerlessness
    Forced unemployment
  28. Jesus the worker
    When Jesus preached the good news
  29. Skills that belong to a specific job
    Career-content skills
  30. Skills you carry on from one job to another
    Transferable life skills
  31. Value in the aspect of human needs
  32. Calling by God
    Christian Vocation
  33. Calling
  34. Three dimensions of why we work
    • Emphasis on quality
    • Care for customers/clients
    • Concern for our coworkers
  35. 6 suggestions to pick a career
    • Assessing yourself(through interest, personality and skills)
    • Look beyond stereotypes
    • Consider work environments
    • Looking at clusters of work
    • Contacting people in your fields of interest
    • Volunteering
  36. Survival needs
    Food shelter clothing and medical care
  37. Thrival needs
    Education transportation entertainment and provision for the future
  38. Income over and above what will cover necessities
    Discretionary income
  39. And insatiable desire to acquire more and more
  40. To wait for pleasure if necessary
    Delayed gratification
  41. Not waiting for pleasure
    Immediate gratification
  42. Balance between abundance and need
    Fair Balance
  43. The right to private property and whatever belongs to us belongs to God
    St. Cryptian
  44. For guidelines how to handle money and possessions
    • Celebrate Creators gifts
    • Remain free
    • Share generously
  45. Pitfalls of possessing
    • Confusing wants with needs
    • Confusing social image with self-worth
    • Confusing spending with freedom
  46. Collection of hymns in wedding
    Song of Songs
  47. Believes that within each female lays and in each male lays a masculine dimension
    Carl Jung
  48. Priest about abolishing slavery and was a passionate female who escaped
    Sojourner Truth
  49. Secondhand experience of gentle sex
  50. The healthy integrated way to express our sexuality
  51. A campus minister who wrote a letter to students about chastidy
    Mary Fpurqurean
  52. What does sexual intercourse express
    It deepens love and is a total commitment between married couples
  53. What is Genesis vision of sexuality
    • We are rational like God
    • Is not something to be ashamed about but is blessed
  54. 7 types of love´┐╝
    • Love of God
    • self-love
    • romantic love
    • erotic love
    • nurturing parental love
    • love of nature
    • love of friendship
  55. Complete definition of love
    To seek a foster the good of others in the concrete situations
  56. Pitfalls of romance
    • Infatuation-stops you from seeing a clear perception of the person
    • Idolization-see others and to love the good you must love the bad
  57. 12 life of loving
    • Knowledge of the other person
    • practical knowledge
    • Flexibility
    • conflict resolution
    • Patience
    • honesty
    • trust
    • trustworthiness
    • humility
    • hope
    • courage
    • forgiveness
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