History midterm

  1. Congress established a bureau of refugees; newly freed African-Americans obtain food work in the dictation
    Freedmans bureau
  2. Abolish slavery
    13th amendment
  3. Guarantee citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States
    14th amendment
  4. The right to vote no matter the race or color
    15th amendment
  5. Farmer who works land owned by another and pays rent either in cash or crops
    Tenant farmer
  6. Farmers who work land for an owner who provides equipment seeds and receive the shared
  7. To formally charge a public official with misconduct in office
  8. Quickly growing town
  9. Shoveling lose their into boxes and running water over
    Placer mining
  10. Spraying high-pressure water against the hill/mountain to expose the minerals underneath
    Hydraulic mining
  11. Driving cattle
    Long drive
  12. Driving cattle
    Long drive
  13. Neighborhood settled by Hispanic
  14. Area in the eastern edge of the Great Plains
    Wheat belt
  15. Land that was worthless and then turned into Wheat belt
    Great plains
  16. $10 registration fee
    160 acres
    5 years
    Homestead act
  17. Easy way to farming dryland in moisture
    Dry farming
  18. A large high profitable wheat farm
    Bonanza faming
  19. Ppl who went to gain land as cannon boomed
  20. Left before the cannon went boom
  21. African Americans who fled from the south and went Midwest
  22. Alexander graham bell
    Organized bell telephone company
  23. Let people do as they choose; hands off gov
    Laissez faire
  24. People who raise capital to organize a business
  25. 1862 Lincoln signed PRA
    Transcontinental railroad
  26. Construction of transcontinental rr
    Pacific Railway act
  27. Consolidator-planned to merge rr
    Cornelius Vanderbilt
  28. Organization authorized by law to carry on an activity
  29. Investments to make profit
  30. Reduction in cost of goods by increased production at a facility
    Economies of scale
  31. Scottish businessman who revolutionized steel industry and profit
    Andrew Carnegie
  32. Vertical consolidation
    Carnegie/combined firms engaged in business or corporation and controlled all steps of production
  33. New process of making fuel cheaply and efficiently
    Henry Bessemer
  34. Horizontal consolidation
    Rockefeller who brought competition in oil company
  35. John d rockofeller
    • Oil company
    • Competition
  36. Total control of the type of industry by one company or one person
  37. Combination of firms by legal agreement to reduce competition
  38. Idea though wealthy should give back
    Gospel of wealth
  39. Decline in the value of money
  40. Working together negotiating for common agreement
  41. People put on this to be punished boycott and not rehire
  42. Advocated overthrow in government by Karl Marx
  43. Person who believes that laws and government are unnecessary
  44. Cut wages
    Leadwort worker strikes and blocking tracks
    Great Railroad strike
  45. Organization advocated to and child labor
    8hr work day
    • Bringing and third-party
    • Settling a problem through outsiders
  46. May 1, nationwide strike/end of kol
    Haymarket riot
  47. Carnegie manager cut 20% of wages and use Pinkertons to hire scabs and called the military
    Homestead strike
  48. Luxury car company laid people off and slashed wages and Boycott
    Pullman strike
  49. People easily replaced
  50. Economic and political domination of a strong nation over weaker one
  51. To add or attach
  52. An increase in the value of money
  53. Progressive income tax
    16th amendment
  54. Allowed direct election of senators
    17th amendment
  55. Prohibition
    18th amendment
  56. Guaranteed women the right to vote
    19th amendment
  57. Italy,Germany,Austria-Hungary
    Triple alliance
  58. France, Great Britain,Russia
    Triple entente
  59. Aggressive build up of military
  60. Intense pride in a country
  61. Heir to Austo-Hungarian throne assassinated by Serbian (sparked war)
    Franz fernidad
  62. Plan to attack France thru neutral belgium
    Schlieffen plan
  63. Technique for ads by great Britian
  64. German submarines
  65. Germany stopped sinking boats without warning
    Sussex pledge
  66. Note sent to create Mexican alliance
    Zimmerman telegraph
  67. Led by Herbert Hoover to help produce food
    Food administration
  68. Planting vegetable gardens
    Victory gardens
  69. Bonds given to gov for 7 years to pay for war and alliance affairs
    Liberty bonds
  70. Prevents strikes and build up of war and build labor laws
    National war labor board
  71. Movement of African American to north
    Great migration
  72. "Sell" war to Americans
    Committee of public information
  73. Made it illegal to speak bad of war
    Sedition act
  74. Required draft of 21-30 year old men
    Selective service act
  75. Commander of American expedition force
    General john j Pershing
  76. U.S. Army
    American expeditionary force
  77. Group of unarmed ships surrounded
  78. Overthrow if provisional gov. And established a communist gov.
    Bolshevik revolution
  79. Led Bolshevik revolution
    Vladimir Lenin
  80. Stalemate outside of Paris
    Battle of Marne
  81. America saves Paris again
    Battle of chateau-Thierry
  82. Last major battle where Germany lost
    Battle if Meuse-Argonne
  83. Agreement to stop fighting
  84. End of WWI-Germany pays reparations
    Versailles treaty
  85. Wilson's plan for peace
    Fourteen points
  86. Power to make decision of ones future and choose gov.
  87. Italy, France ,Great Britain and US to discuss nation affairs
    League of Nations
  88. Money paid for war damage
  89. Cramped quarters on a ships lower deck for passengers paying low wages
  90. Tiny island in NY harbor where European immigrants disembarked
    Ellis island
  91. Danish journalist who use YJ
    Jacob Riis
  92. Ethnic group where minorities dominate
  93. Hostility towards immigrants
  94. 1917;passed a legislation to require literacy from immigrants
  95. Multi family apartment in dirty crowded area usually doesn't meet minimum living standard
  96. Informational political group designed to gain a keep power to get good money etc
    Political machine
  97. People in control of political machines
    Party boss
  98. Leader of Tammany Hall his corruption lead to prison sentence
    William Marcy tweed
  99. Political cartoonist who blasted corruption of Tammany Hall and was offered money to keep quiet
    Thomas nast
  100. Reconstruction era which meant covered in gold on the outside but made cheaply in the inside
    Gilded age
  101. Based on Darwin's theory of evolution natural selection and for competition for survival of the fittest
    Social darwinism
  102. 1883 by Arthur to classify government job
    Pedleton civil service act
  103. Worked to better working conditions according to biblical ideas of charity and justice
    Social gospel movement
  104. Community center where reformers resided and offered medical care English class and kindergarten and recreational programs located in a poor. Neighborhood provided baby care
    Settlement house
  105. Causing someone to acquire American traits and characteristics
  106. Political movement in the 1890s for farmer to increase farmers political power
  107. Patrons of husbandry first national farm association
    The grange
  108. Formed by populist nominated candidates to run Congress for state legislator formed a no party for farm
    Peoples party
  109. Candidate of Democrats and populous in the 1900s strong supporter of silver and wanted unlimited silver who delivered 600 speeches
    William Jennings Bryant
  110. A fixed amount for a person to vote
    Poll tax
  111. Passed legislation to require literacy from immigrants
  112. If you had an ancestor who could vote you could vote too
    Grandfather clause
  113. Separation or isolation of a race class or group
  114. Laws that enforced discrimination
    Jim crow laws
  115. Was arrested for sitting in the only white car which led to the separate but equal
    Plessy v furgeson
  116. Hanging is without court proceedings
  117. Influential educator who propose African-Americans should concentrate on achieving economical is rather than political and prepare themselves educationally and vocationally and delivered Atlanta compromise
    Booker t washington
  118. Wrote the book called the souls of Black folk and saw no invented in giving up civil rights and people should protect and exercise voting rights
    W.E.B. du bois
  119. Extreme loyalty and devotion to a country
  120. Extreme aggressive patriotism
  121. Newspaper publisher who worked on the kids and labor laws-the world
    William Randolph Hearst
  122. American battleship who was exploded by Spain
    USS maine
  123. Area where for nation controlled economic development
    Sphere of influence
  124. Policy that a lot of foreign nation in China to trade freely in other nations
    Open door policy
  125. Policy of doing the business interest of the country would diplomatic interest
    Dollar diplomacy
  126. The United States would intervene in Latin American affairs when necessary to maintain economic and political stability in the Western Hemisphere
    Roosevelt corollary
  127. ____built the _____
    • Pres Roosevelt
    • Panama Canal
  128. Absorb a group into a culture of a large population
  129. Power struggle sa
    • Formed unions
    • Tactics like Boycott
    • Arbitration
    • Lockout
    • Blacklist
    • Oaths of loyalty
    • Collective bargaining
    • Hired scabs
    • Injunctions
  130. How did they prevent AA votes
    • Literacy
    • Poll tax-$2
    • Intimidation
  131. Immigrant conditions ?SA
    • Bad working conditions
    • Bad pay
    • Disease
    • Pollution
    • Slums
    • Ghettos
    • Tenement
    • Crowded area
    • Segregation
    • Forced nativism
    • Fires
    • Seperate on of classes
  132. Municipal level (city)
    • Attacked party bosses
    • Spoil system
    • Provided welfare
    • Regulated utilities
    • Took away reward for vote
  133. Federal level
    • Attacked trusts/holding company
    • Meat inspection act
    • Pure food+drug act
    • Federal reserve act
    • Protect consumers and end child labor
  134. State
    • Passed reforms to benefit voters
    • Direct primary ,initiative(introduce) ,recall,referendum
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