1. HTML keyword enclosed in angle brackets
    • tag
    • <html></html>
  2. <start tag>mark up text</end tag>
  3. What part of this is the attribute
    <meta charset="utf-8">
  4. an element that does not have mark up text, nor does it have the end text
    • void element
    • <meta charset="utf-8">
  5. Each HTML document must start with
    <!DOCTYPE html>
  6. HTML code is case
  7. Head section
    • container for all head elements, title element is required
    • optional elements: meta, style, script
  8. Body elements
    Defines the document body, can use many HTML elements
  9. Input types
  10. Header
    A page can have multiple header elements, creates header for each sectioning element, usually includes a heading element
  11. Attributes
  12. Elements
  13. Nav
    used to group navigation links
  14. Figure and figure caption
    a figure caption can be associated with a  group of figures (omg, chart, table)
  15. article
    used to make a standalone section, e.g. news article, story comment
  16. section
    Used to define a group of related content, use h1-h6 to define each section
  17. summary and details
    Summary element displays a right pointing arrow next to a summary when the summary is clicked, the arrow points downward and show the details element
  18. aside
    Used to represent contact that is tangibly related to the content surrounding it
  19. mark
    used to highlight parts of our text
  20. Internal hyper link ex.
    <a href = "file.html#internaltitle>text</a>
  21. Input type's for forms
    text, password, checkbox, radio, hidden, submit, reset, color, number, month, range, URL, Search, email
  22. wbr
    specifies where in a text it would be ok to add a line-break
  23. Drop down menu
    • <select name = "something">
    • <option selected> something 1</option>
    • <option> something 2 </option>
    • </select>
  24. Starting a form
    <form method = "post" action = "">
  25. Place holder
    the value in grey the textbox already displays
  26. Autocompelete
    browser will cache users past responses
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