Minorities Exam1

  1. functionalist theory
    a macrolevel sociological perspective emphasizing societal order and stability, with harmonious interdependent parts
  2. conflict theory
    a macrolevel sociological perspective emphasizing conflict as an important influence and permanent feature in life
  3. ideology
    a generalized set of beliefs that collectively explains and justifies the interests of those who hold them
  4. culture of poverty
    a controversial viewpoint arguing that the disorganization and pathology of lower-class culture are self-perpetuating through cultural transmission
  5. ascribed status
    one’s socially defined, unchangeable position in a society based on such arbitrary factors as age, sex, race, or family background
  6. endogamy
    the tendency for people to marry only within their own social group
  7. ethnocentrism
    a tendency to judge other cultures or subcultures by the standards of one’s own culture
  8. cultural relativism
    a view of the customs and beliefs of other peoples within the context of their culture rather than one’s own
  9. Dillingham Flaw
    any inaccurate comparison based on simplistic categorizations and anachronistic judgments
  10. Thomas theorem
    an observation that if people define situations as real, the situations become real in their consequences
  11. ethnogenesis
    a process in which immigrants hold onto some homeland values, adapt others, and adopt some values of the host country
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