SAT Words (O)

  1. Obdurate (adj.)
    unyielding to persuasion or stubbornly insensitive to change
  2. Obfuscate (v.)
    to render incomprehensible
  3. Oblique (adj.)
    diverging from a straight line or course, not straightforward
  4. Oblivious (adj.)
    lacking consciousness or awareness of something
  5. Obscure (adj.)
    unclear, partially hidden
  6. Obsequious (adj.)
    excessively compliant or submissive
  7. Obsolete (adj.)
    no longer used, out of date
  8. Obstinate (adj.)
    not yielding easily, very stubborn
  9. Obstreperous (adj.)
    noisy, unruly
  10. Obtuse (adj.)
    lacking quickness of sensibility or intellect
  11. Odious (adj.)
    instilling hatred or intense displeasure
  12. Officious (adj.)
    Insisting on helping when it's neither wanted or needed
  13. Ominous (adj.)
    foreboding or foreshadowing evil; threatening
  14. Onerous (adj.)
  15. Opulent (adj.)
    characterized by rich abundance verging on ostentation
  16. Oration (n.)
    a speech delivered in a formal or ceremonious manner
  17. Ornate (adj.)
    highly elaborate, excessively decorated
  18. Orthodox (adj.)
    conventional, conforming to established protocol
  19. Oscillate (v.)
    to sway from one side to another
  20. Ostensible (adj.)
    appearing as such, seemingly
  21. Ostentatious (adj.)
    excessively showy, glitzy
  22. Ostracism (n.)
    exclusion from a group
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