SAT Words (N)

  1. Nadir (n.)
    the lowest point of something
  2. Nascent (adj.)
    in the process of being born or coming into existence
  3. Nebulous (adj.)
    vaguely defined, cloudy
  4. Nefarious (adj.)
    heinously villainous
  5. Negligent (adj.)
    habitually careless, neglectful
  6. Neophyte (n.)
    someone who is young or inexperienced
  7. Nocturnal (adj.)
    Related to or occurring during the night
  8. Noisome (adj.)
    unpleasant, offensive, especially to the sense of smell
  9. Nomadic (adj.)
    wandering from place to place
  10. Nominal (adj.)
    trifling, insignificant
  11. Nonchalant (adj.)
    having a lack of concern, indifference
  12. Nondescript (adj.)
    lacking a distinctive character
  13. Notorious (adj.)
    widely and unfavorably known
  14. Novice (n.)
    a beginner, someone without training or experience
  15. Noxious (adj.)
    harmful, unwholesome
  16. Nuance (n.)
    a slight variation in meaning, tone or expression
  17. Nurture (v.)
    to assist the development of
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SAT Words (N)
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