SAT Words (M)

  1. Maelstrom (n.)
    a destructive whirlpool which rapidly sucks in objects
  2. Magnanimous (adj.)
    noble, generous
  3. Malediction (n.)
    a curse
  4. Malevolent (adj.)
    wanting harm to befall others
  5. Malleable (adj.)
    capable of being shaped or transformed
  6. Mandate (n.)
    an authoritative command
  7. Manifest
    • a) (adj.) easily understandable, obvious
    • b) v.) to show plainly
  8. Manifold (adj.)
    diverse, varied
  9. Maudlin (adj.)
    weakly sentimental
  10. Maverick (n.)
    an independent, nonconformist person
  11. Mawkish (adj.)
    characterized by sick sentimentality
  12. Maxim (n.)
    a common saying expressing a principle of conduct
  13. Meager (adj.)
    deficient in size of quantity
  14. Medley (n.)
    a mixture of differing things
  15. Mendacious (adj.)
    having a lying, false character
  16. Mercurial (adj.)
    characterized by rapid change or temperament
  17. Meritorious (adj.)
    worthy of esteem or reward
  18. Metamorphosis (n.)
    the change of form, shape, substance
  19. Meticulous (adj.)
    extremely careful with details
  20. Mitigate (v.)
    to make less violent, alleviate
  21. Moderate
    • a) (adj.) not extreme
    • b) (n.) one who expresses moderate opinions
  22. Modicum (n.)
    a small amount of something
  23. Modulate (v.)
    to pass from one state to another
  24. Mollify (v.)
    to soften in temper
  25. Morass (n.)
    a wet swampy bog; figuratively, something that traps and confuses
  26. Mores (n.)
    the moral attitudes and fixed customs of a group of people
  27. Morose (adj.)
    gloomy or sullen
  28. Multifarious (adj.)
    having great diversity or variety
  29. Mundane (adj.)
    concerned with the world rather than with heaven, commonplace
  30. Munificence (n.)
    generosity in giving
  31. Mutable (adj.)
    able to change
  32. Myriad (adj.)
    Consisting of a very great number
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