SAT Words (L)

  1. Laceration (n.)
    a cut or tear
  2. Laconic (adj.)
    terse in speech or writing
  3. Languid (adj.)
    sluggish from fatigue or weakness
  4. Larceny (n.)
    obtaining another's property by theft or trickery
  5. Largess (n.)
    great and lavish generosity in the giving of gifts
  6. Latent (adj.)
    hidden, but capable of being exposed
  7. Laudatory (adj.)
    expressing admiration or praise
  8. Lavish
    • a) (adj.) given without limitsĀ 
    • b) (v.) to give without limits
  9. Legerdemain (n.)
    deception, slight-of-hand
  10. Lenient (adj.)
    demonstrating tolerance or gentleness
  11. Lethargic (adj.)
    in a state of sluggishness or apathy
  12. Liability
    • a) (n.) legal responsibility
    • b) (n.) handicap, burden
  13. Libertarian (adj.)
    advocating principles of liberty and free will
  14. Licentious (adj.)
    displaying a lack of moral or legal restraints
  15. Limpid (adj.)
    clear, transparent
  16. Linchpin (n.)
    something that holds separate parts together
  17. Lithe (adj.)
    graceful, flexible, supple
  18. Litigant (n.)
    someone engaged in a lawsuit
  19. Lucid (adj.)
    Clear, easily understandable
  20. Luminous (adj.)
    brightly shining
  21. Lurid (adj.)
    ghastly, sensational
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