Microbiology Lab Quiz Exercise 1-3

  1. Readily killed by common antiseptics and are generally completely removed by 7-8 minutes of washing with soap and water
  2. organisms that are more diff to kill, but most are non-pathogenic.
  3. procedures and rules used to minimize the possibility of microorganism contamination
    Aseptic technique
  4. keeping the petri dish with its lid down
    inverted position
  5. ways to prevent contamination
    petri dish inverted, do not set inoculating loop down, keep lid mostly closed when transferring bacteria; don't spread the bacteria all over the sector
  6. A microscope which allows light rays to pass directly from the light source, through various other components of the microscope to the observers eye
    Brightfield microscope
  7. The physical distance between the lens and the slide or cover slip when the object is in sharp focus on that objective lens
    working distance
  8. given by a combination of lenses, one should multiply the magnification of the objective lens that is in position by the magnification given by the ocular lens
    Total magnification
  9. increasing the apparent size of the image
  10. improving the clarity of an image
  11. when the image is in sharp focus on any objective lens, you can switch to any other objective lens, without moving the stage at all and the image should still be in good focus, with only fine adjustment necessary
  12. when an image is in the center of the field of view on any objective lens, it will remain in the center when you switch to any other objective lens
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Microbiology Lab Quiz Exercise 1-3
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