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    • Name: Mosquito (Halsted) (Snap)
    • Category: clamping and occluding
    • is used to occlude bleeders in small or superficial wounds before cauterization or ligation. Used often for delicate or small confined procedures. Some examples are plastics, pediatrics, thyroid, and hand procedures.
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    • Name: Hemostat (Crile)
    • Category: clamping and occluding
    • Use(s): is used to occlude bleeders before cauterization or ligation.
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    • Name: Kelly (Péan) (Rochester)
    • Category: clamping and occluding
    • A Kelly is used to clamp larger vessels and tissue.
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    • Name: Tonsil (Adson) (Schnidt)
    • Category: clamping and occluding
    • Use(s): is used for clamping small vessels in a deep wound
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    • Name: Allis
    • Category: grasping and holding
    • Use(s): is used for lifting, holding, and retracting slippery dense tissue that is being removed. Commonly used for tonsils; for vaginal, breast, and thyroid tisse; or for grasping bowel during resection.
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    • Name: Babcock
    • Category: grasping and holding
    • Use(s): is used for grasping and encircling delicate structures such as ureters, fallopian tubes, bowel, ovaries, and appendix.
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    • Name: Sponge Stick (Foerster) 
    • Category: grasping and holding
    • Use(s): is used to create a sponge stick, for grasping tissues such as the lungs, or for removing uterine contents.
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    • Name: Kocher (Oschner)
    • Category: grasping
    • Used to grasp bone or fascia. has teeth fangs.
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    • Name: Bandage Scissors 
    • Category: Cutting
    • Bandage scissors are mostly used To size bandages and dressings.To cut through medical gauze.To cut through bandages already in place.See also[edit]
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    • Name: Mayo Scissors (Suture Scissors) Str. or Cvd.
    • Categories: Cutting
    • Uses: used for performing blunt dissection or cutting through bulky connective tissues
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    • Name: Metzenbaum scissors Cvd. or Str.
    • Category: Cutting
    • Uses: designed for cutting delicate tissue and blunt dissection.
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    • Name: Iris Scissors cvd. or str.
    • Category: Cutting
    • Uses: ideal for detailed dissection of fine tissue and fine suture removal.
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    • Name: Tenotomy Scissors str. or cvd.
    • Category: Cutting
    • Uses: used to perform delicate surgery. They can be straight or curved, and blunt or sharp, depending upon necessity. This equipment can be used in many surgical specialties, in particular delicate operations in ophthalmic surgery,oral and maxillofacial surgery, or in neurosurgery.
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