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  1. what does islam translate to in english?
    Submission or surrender
  2. a follower of islam is a ……… meaning "………"
    • muslim
    • one who submits
  3. True or false:
    Islam is a monotheistic religion.
  4. Why does muslim translate to surrender?
    Because muslims are asked to surrender their lives in obedience and reverence to the one true god, Allah.
  5. Who is muhammad?
    A prophet that god spoke to muslims through
  6. Where was Muhammad born?
    Mecca, 570AD
  7. Who was he raised by?
    His uncle
  8. muhammad grew up to be a …………… and at the age of …… went to work for widow ………
    • a merchant
    • 25
    • Khadija
  9. khadija and muhammad married and had …… children.
  10. Name the bad behaviour from the people in Mecca.
    • Lying
    • cheating
    • gambling
  11. While praying where did Muhammad have a vision from Allah?
    Mount Hira, 610AD
  12. Who came to muhammad as Allah's messenger?
    The angel gabriel
  13. Where to and when did Muhammad and his followers flee?
    To Yathrib in 622AD
  14. translate exodus/ departure to arabic.
  15. MUhammad became yathrib's ……… after he fled from mecca
  16. Where was the first mosque built?
    Medina (Yathrib)
  17. When did Muhammad conquer mecca?
  18. When did muhammad die?
  19. Why did muslims split into 2 groups?
    Due to trying to find a successor to muhammad. 2 sides couldn't agree.
  20. What is the largest group of muslims called?
    Sunni muslims- strong sense of tradition
  21. What is the smaller group of muslims called?
    Shia muslims- more varied, gives a stronger role to individual leaders/reformers
  22. Is there any single leader overall in Islam?
  23. Where's the only true authority to be found in Islam?
    Found in the words of Allah through the prophet Muhammad.
  24. What is the Qur'an?
    A sacred muslim book that contains the actual words of Allah.
  25. What does the Qur'an offer?
    It offers guidance and direction for a good muslim to live a good life.
  26. What does the Qur'an explain?
    It explains how to serve Allah
  27. What are people who learn the qur'an off by heart called?
  28. Over how many years did the angel gabriel reveal allah's words to Muhammad?
  29. The qur'an translates to...
    That which must be proclaimed
  30. How many chapters in the Qur'an divided into?
    114, approximately 6666 verses. Also called the suras
  31. What language is the qur'an written in?
  32. Hadith
    a recording of saying of Muhammad and what he taught
  33. sunna or "way"
    A set of writings about how muhammad lived his life, written by his followers
  34. what are the 5 muslim pillars?
    • Shahada (faith)
    • Salat (prayer)
    • Zakat (giving)
    • Sawm (fasting)
    • Hajj (pilgrimage)
  35. Shahada (faith)
    • Only one god, Allah
    • Muhammad is the prophet
    • Good muslims say this creed 5 times per day
  36. Salat (prayer)
    • Pray at dawn, noon, mid afternoon, sunset and late evening
    • Before prayer, they remove their shoes and do the wuda (a ritual washing of the feet)
    • Each set is known as a Rakat
  37. Zakat (giving)
    Every year, muslims are expected to donate 2½% of their disposable income for the benefit of the poor
  38. Sawm (fasting)
    • Ramadan - go without food or drink throughout the hours of sunset
    • Does not include the sick, elderly, travelling or pregnant.
  39. Hajj (pilgrimage)
    Muslims are expected to visit Mecca at least once in their life to take part in a 4 day prayer gathering. This occurs during the 12th month of the muslim calendar
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