CSE 2111 Quiz 1

  1. ###
    Means that the space is too small
  2. Green Triangle
    There's something wrong in the formatting
  3. #REF!
    Cell reference is not valid
  4. #Value!
    Wrong type of argument or operand in a formula
  5. Names with a space in the middle require what?
  6. =ROUND(number,num_digits)
    • Round function
    • Number: number to be rounded
    • Num_digits: number of decimal places
    • Nearest
  7. =countif(range,crieria)
    • Range: a continuous range of what your looking for
    • Criteria: determines what cells to count.
    • Boolean expressions need quotes ">=5"
    • Wild card if you want to look for the first 3 letters of whatever that have USA in it "USA*"
    • Question mark after the letter would mean it looks for the first 3 letters and then another letter has to be there "USA?" so it would count USAF not USA
    • Ampersands are necessary for cell reference ">="&A2
  8. =countifs(range, criteria1, range, criteria2)
    =countifs(range, what you are looking for, second range, what you are looking for)
  9. =sumif(range, criteria, sum_range)
    =sumif(range, what to look for, what you want to sum)
  10. =sumifs(range, criteria range, criteria, criteria range 2, criteria2)
    =sumifs(sum range, criteria range, what you are testing for, another criteria range and what you are looking for)
  11. =averageif(range, criteria, [average_range])
    =averageif(range you want to look at, the criteria, range it averages if its true)
  12. =large(array,k)
    • =large(range of numbers you want to look at, which number specifically)
    • K: 1 means the largest number, 2 is the second largest
  13. =small(array,k)
    • =small(range, which number specifically)
    • k: 1 means the smallest, 2 second smallest
  14. =rank.eq(number, reference, [order])
    • =rank.eq(the number whose rank you want to find, range, how to rank number)
    • Order: 1 means ascending order, the biggest number is the highest rank (largest number)
  15. =not()
    • When you want the opposite of what is said
    • Keyword "did not"
  16. =and
    • If there is one thing false, the entire thing is false
    • Keywords "all" items have to be true
  17. =or
    • If one thing is true then the entire thing is true
    • Keyword "if" "either"
  18. =if(logical test, value if true, [value if false])
    If this is true, do this, or else do this
  19. if(logical text, value if true, if(logical text, value if true, [value if false]))
    =if(this=true, do this, else if(this=true, do this, otherwise do this))
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