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  1. Good (morning, afternoon, evening) ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard our American Eagle flight#___ enroute to___ (and___ if continuing service). The main cabin door is now closed. All larger portable electronic devices must be turned off and stowed at this time. If you plan to continue using your small, lightweight devices, please make sure your device is set to airplane mode or the cellular service is turned off. These devices must be secured in a seatback or garment pocket or held. In command today is Captain___, assisted by First Officer___. Assisting you in the cabin today is ___ and my name is ___. Please direct your full attention to the front of the cabin for an important safety announcement.
  2. In preparation for departure, be sure all carry-on items are stowed in a overhead bin or underneath a seat, and that all seatbacks and tray tables are in their upright and locked positions. Because of our interest in safety, we would like to take a moment to explain the use of the emergency equipment on board the Canadair Regional Jet. Please remove the safety information card located in the seat pocket in front of you and follow along. To fasten you seat belt, insert the flat metal end into the buckle. To adjust the fit, pull the loose strap away from you, so that the belt is low and tight. To open, simply lift up on the face plate of the buckle.
  3. The cabin will be pressurized for your comfort. If there is a sudden change in cabin pressure, the compartments above you seat will automatically open and an oxygen mask will be within your reach. Take the mask in your hand and pull down to start the flow of oxygen. The bag will not inflate, but oxygen will be flowing. Place the mask over your nose and mouth and secure it by placing the elastic strap over your head. Pull the straps to tighten and continue to breath normally. Continue to use the mask until a crewmember advises you that supplemental oxygen is no longer needed. If you are seated next to someone that may need your assistance, please secure your ask first and then secure their mask. Two oxygen mask within the lavatory are in a retainer clip. Pull the mask out of the plastic retainer and place the mask over your nose and mouth.
  4. In the unlikely event of a water landing, your seat bottom cushions have been designed as flotation devices. Pull up on the cushion to remove it and take it with you to the nearest usable exit. When exiting the aircraft, place your arms through the straps and hug it to your chest. This aircraft is equipped with infant life vest. In the event of a water landing, the flight attendant will hand the infant life vest to the adult with an infant and provide further instructions.
  5. There are six emergency exits on board this aircraft, which include the main cabin door through which you entered and the door directly across from it. Four additional exits are located over the wings, mid cabin, two on each side. Exit signs located overhead identify these exits.
  6. This aircraft is also equipped with emergency escape path lighting. In the event of an evacuation, these lights will illuminate. Follow the floor lights to the closest exit, keeping in mind an exit my be located behind you.
  7. Federal Aviation Regulations require that you continue to observe the No Smoking and Fasten Seat Belt signs at all times when illuminated. All passengers must comply with lighted signs, posted placards and instructions provided by your crew. Regulations also prohibit tampering with, disabling or destroying any smoke detector in an aircraft lavatory. May we remind you that smoking is not permitted on any American flight. We will be taking off soon.
  8. Once again, please make sure your large portable electronic devices are turned off and stowed. Small lightweight devices must be switched to airplane mode and secured. Your tray table and carry-on items must also be stowed. Make sure your seatback is upright and your seatbelt is securely fastened.
  9. On behalf of the ground crew and this (___)-based crew, we would like to invite you to relax and enjoy the flight.

    We will be dimming the cabin lights for departure. On behalf of American Airlines, American Eagle and our OneWorld Alliance partners, thank you for flying with us today.
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Main Announcement
Main Announcement