Civics & Economics

  1. Duties
    An Obligation; Something that is required to be done.
  2. Responsibilities
    An action that is expected to be performed, but is not required to be done.
  3. Volunteerism
    The willingness of people to work for others without the promise of monetary gain.
  4. Compromise
    To settle differences through discussion.
  5. Civic responsibility
    The actions performed towards the government such as participation in government, church and voluntary associations.
  6. Due Process
    An established course for judicial proceedings designed to protect the rights of someone accused.
  7. Discrimination
    Unfair treatment of a person or group only on the basis of prejudice.
  8. Multiculturalism
    Equal coexistence of groups representing different cultures and regional backgrounds that do not mix with others.
  9. Affirmative Action
    Consists of special actions in recruitment, hiring, and other areas designed to eliminate the effects of past discrimination.
  10. Melting Pot Theory
    A theory that states ethnic groups assimilate int a hose society.
  11. Tossed Salad Theory
    A theory that states that America is made of different groups that bring identity to the whole, without mixing in.
  12. Self-motivation
    One's own ability to motivate themselves, without being influenced to do so by another person.
  13. Scare Tactics
    The use of manipulative words or actions which is meant to induce shock or fear forcing people to make rash decisions.
  14. Earning Capacity
    The free cash flow that a business can generate over a long period of time.
  15. Individual Rights
    The concept that each person is assumed to possess certain rights because they are human.
  16. Tolerance
    The ability to allow, permit, understand, or accept something.
  17. Patriotism
    The act of being loyal and having a positive and supportive attitude towards one's country.
  18. Victimless Crimes
    A crime committed without any proven evidence of an individual that has suffered damage or harm in the crime.
  19. Issues Surrounding Baby Boomers
    The birth years of the Baby Boom generation is subject to controversy. It is thought this generations was born between 1946 and 1964.
  20. Greenhouse Effect
    Global warming due to the build up of CO2 emissions.
  21. Entitlement Programs
    Government programs designed to help elderly, ill, or unemployed citizens.
  22. Federalism
    Concerning the central government of a nation.
  23. Popular Sovereignty
    The concept that political and legislative power resides with the citizens.
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