12 Angry Jurors

  1. Juror 12: What was your impression of the prosecuting attorney?
    I beg pardon?
  2. Juror 12: I thought he was really sharp. I mean, the way he hammered home his points, one by one, in logical sequence. it takes a good brain to do that. i was very impressed.
    Yes, I think he did an expert job.
  3. Juror 12: I have been kicked around, too. Wait until you have worked in an ad agency and the guy that buys the advertising walks in.
    In my country, kicking was a science, but let's try to find something better than that.
  4. Foreperson: Right. We have a job to do. Let`s do it. Maybe if the gentleman who's disagreeing down there could tell us why. You know, tell us what he thinks-we could show him where he's probably mixed up.
    What are you doing?
  5. Juror 12: Mmm? Oh. It's one of the products I work on at the ad agency. Rice Pops. "The Breakfast with the Built-in Bounce". I wrote that line.
    It´s very catchy.
  6. Juror 10: Listen, what about that woman across the street? If her testimony don´t prove it, nothing does.
    That's right. She was the one who actually saw the killing.
  7. Juror 6: I don´t know. I started to be convinced, uh-you know, very early in the case. Well, I was looking for the motive. That's very important. If there's no motive, where's the case? So anyway, that testimony from those people across the hall from the kid's apartment, that was very powerful. Didn't they say something about an argument between the father and the kid around seven o'clock that night? I mean, I can be wrong.
    It was eight o'clock. Not seven.
  8. Juror 3: Come on, now. he didn't mean you, missy. Let's not be so sensitive.
    This sensitivity I understand.
  9. Juror 3: So what does that mean? its the same kind of knife. So what's that? the discovery of the age or something?
    It would still be an incredible coincidence for another person to have stabbed the father with the same kind of knife.
  10. Juror 10: Listen, I don't see what all this stuff about the knife has to do with anything. Somebody saw the boy stab his father. What more do we need? I got three garages of mine going to shit while we are talking. Let's get done and get outta here.
    The knife was very important to the district attorney. He spent one whole morning...
  11. Juror 10: All right, who was it? Come on. I want to know.
    Excuse me. This was a secret ballot. We agreed on this.
  12. Foreperson: Ok, let's stop yelling. Who's got something constructive to say?
    Please, I would like to say something here. I have always thought that in this country a man was entitled to have unpopular opinions...
  13. Juror 11: Looks that we are really hung up here. I mean, that thing with the old man was pretty unexpected. I wish I knew how we could  break this up. Y'know, in advertising...I told you I worked at an ad agency, didn't I?
    Well, there are some pretty strange people- not strange, really- they just have peculiar ways of expressing themselves, y'know what I mean? 
    Well, its probably the same in your business-right? What do you do?
    I'm a laborer
  14. Really? The finest, hard working citizens come from your part of the world, I imagine.
    bow slightly
  15. Juror 8: I would say that was a fair guess. Anyone else?
    That sounds right to me.
  16. Juror 4: This case is based on reasonable and logical progression of facts, everyone. Let's keep it there.
    Facts may be colored by the personalities of the people who present them.
  17. Juror 10: Bright? He's a common, ignorant slob. he don't speak even speak good English.
    He doesn't even speak good English.
  18. Juror 7: Sure he didn't. Who in the hell could, except God come to earth or somebody? Come on already! Look at the time!
    Pardon me, but I have made some notes here.
  19. Juror 10: Notes yet!
    I would like to play say something. I have been listening very closely, and it seems to me that this man has very good points to make. From what was presented at the trial the boy looks guilty, but maybe if we go deeper...
  20. Juror 10: Come on, will ya?
    There is a question I would like to as. We assume that the kid committed murder. he stabbed his father in the chest  and ran away. This was at ten minutes after twelve. Now, how was he caught by the police? He came home at three o'clock or so and was captured by two detectives in the hallway of his house. My question is, if he really had killed his father, why would he come back three hours later? wouldn't he be afraid of being caught?
  21. Juror 4: The kid knew that there were people who could identify the knife as the one he had just bought. He had to get it before the police did.
    But if he knew the knife could be identified, why did he leave it there in the first place?
  22. Juror 4: Well, I think we can assume he ran out in a state of panic after he killed his father, and then when he finally calmed down, he realized that he had left the knife there.
    This then depends on your definition of panic. He was calm enough to see to it that there were no fingerprints on the knife. Now where did his panic start and where did it end?
  23. Juror 3: Look, you can forget all that other stuff. He still came home to dig out his knife and get rid of it.
    Three hours later?
  24. Juror 3: Sure, three hours later.
    If I were the kid and I had killed my father, I would not have come home three hours later. I would be afraid that the police would be there. I would stay away, knife or no knife.
  25. Juror 3: Listen, you voted "guilty", didn't you? What side are you on?
    I don't believe I have to be loyal to one side or the other. I am simply asking questions.
  26. Juror 12: Well, this is just off the top of my head, but if I were the kid, and I'd, you know, done the stabbing and everything, I would take a chance and go back for the knife. I will bet he figured no one had seen him and that the body probably wasn't discovered yet. After all, it was the middle of the night. He probably thought no one would find the body till the next day.
    Pardon. Here is my whole point. The woman across the street testified that a moment after she saw the killing, that is, a moment after the el train went by , she screamed and then went to telephone the police. Now, the kid must certainly have heard that scream and known that somebody saw something. I don't think he would have gone back if he had been the murderer.
  27. Juror 10: What d'ya mean doubt? What are you talking about? Didn't the old man see him running out of the house? He is twisting the facts. I'm telling you! Did or didn't the old man see the kid running out of the house at twelve ten? Well, did he or didn't he?
    He says he did.
  28. Juror 7: So now where are we? I'm telling you, we can yakety-yak until next Tuesday here. Where's it getting us?
    Pardon. I vote "not guilty."
  29. Juror 3: I mean, everybody's heart is starting to bleed for this punk little kid like the president just declared it "Love Your Underprivileged Brother Week" or something. Listen, I would like you to tell me why you changed your vote. Come one, give me reasons.
    I don't have to defend my decision to you. I have a reasonable doubt in my mind.
  30. Juror 3: Now, I'm telling you he said twenty. What are you trying to distort...
    He said fifteen.
  31. Juror 8: Fifteen seconds after he heard the body fall.
  32. Juror 10: Sure he coulda done it.
    He can only walk very slowly. They had to help him into the witness chair.
  33. Juror 3: You are crazy. You can't recreate a thing like that.
    I would like to see it.
  34. Juror 10: Come on. Snap it up. He walked twice as fast as that.
    I think this is even more quickly than the old man walked in the courtroom.
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