Chem vocab Ch1&2

  1. chemical formula
    • notation that uses atomic symbols with numerical subscripts to covey the relative proportions of atoms of the different elements in the substance
    • EX: NaCI
  2. how many different types of chemical formulas are there? what are they
    • Molecular- gives exact # of atoms that are chemically bonded together
    • empirical- shows simplest whole # ration of atoms in substance
  3. ionic compounds
    • consist of cation and anion
    • formula same as empirical formula
    • sum of charges
  4. structural formula shows..?
    how they are bonded together  to one another in a molecule
  5. polymers
    large molecules that are made up of smaller molecules repeatedly linked together
  6. monomers
    the small molecules that are linked together to form the polymer
  7. ion
    electrically charged particle obtained from an atom or chemically bonded group of atoms by adding or removing electrons

    ex:sodium chloride
  8. two types of ions?
    anion and cation
  9. anion
    when atom picks up extra electron it becomes a negatively charged ion
  10. cation
    when ion loses an electron it becomes a cation which is a positively charges ion
  11. formula unit of a substance
    the group of atoms or ions explicitly symbolized in the formula
  12. molecular compound
    a compound regarded as a union of molecules retaining their identities
  13. element
    substance whose atoms all have the same atomic #
  14. nuclide
    an atom characterized by an atomic number and mass number
  15. Isotopes
    • atoms whose nuclei have the same atomic number but different mass #s
    • nuclei have same number of protons but different neutrons
  16. atomic mass unit (amu) of an element
    a mass unit equal to exactly 1/12 the mass of a carbon-12 atom
  17. period
    the eleents in any one horizontal row of the periodic table
  18. group
    the elements in any one column of the periodic table
  19. metalloid or semimetal
    an element having both metallic and nonmetallic properties
  20. organic compounds
    class of molecular substances that contains carbon combined with the other elements such as hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen
  21. hydrocarbons
    • simplest organic compounds
    • those compounds containing hydrogen and carbon
  22. functional group
    reactive portion of a molecule that undergoes predictable reactions
  23. chemical nomenclature
    systematic naming of chemical compounds
  24. inorganic compounds
    • composed of elements other than carbon
    • ex:carbon dioxide, carbonates, cyanides
  25. monatomic ion
    simplest ion formed from a single atom
  26. polyatomic ion
    ion consisting of two or more atoms chemically bonded together and carrying a net electric charge
  27. binary compound
    • coupound composed of only two elements
    • ex h20
    • first elemet is more metallic 2nd is not so much
  28. Prefixes for naming compound
    • mono
    • di
    • tri
    • tetra
    • penta
    • hexa
    • hepta
    • octa
    • nona
    • deca
  29. acid
    molecular compound that yields hydrogen ions, H+, and an anion for each acid molecule when the acid dissolves in water
  30. oxoacid
    an acid containing hydrogen oxygen and another element, (can be called central atom
  31. hydrate
    compound that contains water molecules weakly bound in its crystals
  32. Chemical equation
    symbolic representation of a chemical reaction in terms of chemical formulas
  33. reactant
    is a starting substance in a chemical reaction
  34. react to form
    what does the arrow mean in a chemical equation
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