Chapter 6 Science

  1. What is a seismometer?
    A seismometer detects earthquake waves.
  2. What is a accelerometer?
    It measures changes in speed of earthquakes.
  3. What is an earthquake?
    It is a series of low-frequency stress.
  4. What are the cracks called when rocks are under stress?
    They are called joints.
  5. What is a fault?
    A fault occurs when the sections of rock on opposite sides of the crack move relative to each other.
  6. How does a geologist define a fault?
    A geologist defines the direction of a fault by its strike.
  7. What is the angle of a faults slope?
    The angle of a faults slope is its dip.
  8. What is an S wave?
    It is the second type of wave to arrive at a seismic station.
  9. What is an epicenter?
    It is the spot on the earths surface directly above the focus.
  10. What is the focus?
    It is the center of an earthquake directly above the focus.
  11. what is a richter scale?
    it indicates the magnitude of an earth quake
  12. what is the magnitude?
    it is the size and intensity of an earth quake
  13. what is marcalli?
    it is a italian volcanologist
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