Western Civilization

  1. Middle Kingdom (2061-1665 B.C.E)
    • Egypt
    • A gradual restoration of the central authority lost in the old Kingdom.
    • War was waged and boundries extedned farther south.
    • The north expanded diplomatic trades and contacts in the eastern mediterranean region and with the island of Crete.
  2. Second Intermediate period (1664-1570 B.C.E)
    • When Hyksos (foreign rulers) ruled Egypt. They were Semitic people who came from the eastern coast of the Mediterranean.
    • They took over because the kings were weak.
    • They introduced Bronze making Technology, new Musical intruments, humpbacked cattle and olive trees.
    • They strengthened Egypts ability for war by increasing the number of chariots and making powerful bows.
    • Overthrown by The leaders if Thebes.
  3. New Kingdom (1569-1081b.c.e)
    • Pharoahs rebuilt central authority. restricted regional government and gave a sense of national pride.
    • The expanded in Military technology. And regular diplomacy with neighboring monarchs
    • The expanded their territory through wars
  4. Pharaohs
    • They wanted gold and other precious materials
    • They tried to imperilase most of the mediterranean coast.
    • Built themselves massive temples to place their treasures for when they die.
    • Queen Hatshepsut (ruled 1502-1482) under her young stepson and built up a whole empire for herself.
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