Merchandising Glossary

  1. Air Seal
    a method of closure or a method of sealing a vault that utilizes the air pressure created by placing the dome of the vault onto the base of the vault
  2. Air Tray
    A transfer container consisting of a wooden tray with a cardboard covering for the casket
  3. Alternative Container
    an unfinished wood box or other non-metal receptacle or enclosure, without ornamentation or a fixed interior lining, which is designed for the encasement of human remains and which is made of fiberboard, pressed-wood, composition material, or pouches of canvas (with or without an outside covering) or like materials
  4. Apron
    the lining attaced to the undersurface of the foot panel of the casket & or a component part of the throw (overlay/overthrow) which extends downward into the body of the casket
  5. Arm (bracket)
    the part of the casket handle that attaches the bar to the lug (ear)
  6. Average (Mean)
    the sum of a group of numbers divided by the number of units
  7. Bail Handle
    a single handle in which the lug, arm which is grasped by the casket bearer
  8. bar
    that part of the casket handle, attached to the lug or arm, which is grasped by the casket bearer
  9. base
    the lower or supporting part of a monument. In some monuments, there may be a first, second & third base.
  10. Base Molding
    molding along the lowermost edge of the body panels
  11. bed
    the portion of the casket upon which te deceased human remains are placed
  12. Bi-Unit Pricing
    a method of price quotation showing separately the price of the service to be rendered and the price of the casket
  13. Body
    that portion of the casket shell containing the top body molding, body panel, base molding, and casket bottom
  14. Body Ledge/Top Body Molding
    a molding along the uppermost edge of the body panels
  15. Body Ledge Flange/Top Body Molding Flange
    the horizontal portion
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