Ch 1: The Human Body, an Orientation

  1. Define Anatomy
    Study of the structure of living organisms.
  2. Define Physiology
    Study of the function of living organisms.
  3. Define gross anatomy.
    The study of large body structures visible to the naked eye.
  4. Define regional anatomy.
    Study of all the structures in a particular region of the body.
  5. Define systemic anatomy.
    Study of a particular body system.
  6. Define surface anatomy.
    Study of internal structures as they relate to the overlying skin surface.
  7. Define microscopic anatomy.
    Study of structures too small to be seen by the naked eye.
  8. Define cytology.
    The study of cells.
  9. Define hystology.
    The study of tissues.
  10. Define developmental anatomy.
    Study of structural changes that occur throughout the life span.
  11. Define embryology.
    Study of the developmental changes that occur before birth.
  12. What is complementarity of structure and function?
    The relationship between a structure and its function; i.e., structure determines function.
  13. What are the levels of organization from smallest to largest?
    • 1. chemical level
    • 2. cellular level
    • 3. tissue level
    • 4. organ level
    • 5. organ system level
    • 6. organism level
  14. What is the chemical level of organization?
    Consists of atoms, molecules, and organelles.
  15. What is the cellular level of organization?
    Consists of cells; the smallest unit of life.
  16. What is the tissue level of organization?
    Consists of tissues; groups of similar cells working together for a common function.
  17. What is the organ level of organization?
    Consists of organs
  18. List the necessary function of life.
    • Maintaining boundaries
    • Movement
    • Responsiveness
    • Digestion
    • Metabolism
    • Excretion
    • Reproduction
    • Growth
  19. What are the body's survival needs?
    • Nutrients
    • Oxygen
    • Water
    • Normal body temperature
    • Appropriate atmospheric pressure
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Ch 1: The Human Body, an Orientation
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