Jean Inman Abbreviations

  1. TEE
    Total Energy Expenditure
  2. BEE
    Basal Energy Expenditure
  3. EEPA
    Energy Expended in Physical Activity
  4. TEF
    Thermic Effect of Food
  5. BMR
    Basal Metabolic Rate
  6. PBI
    Protein Bound Iodine
  7. RMR
    Resting Metabolic Rate
  8. RQ
    Respiratory Quotient
  9. HBV
    High Biological Value
  10. TSF
    Triceps Skinfold Thickness
  11. AMA
    Arm Muscle Area
  12. WHR
    Waist/Hip Ratio
  13. HRA
    High Risk Appraisal
  14. PPFPs
    Prepared and Perishable Food Programs
  15. PCMH
    The Patient Centered Medical Home
  16. MBO
    Management By Objectives
  17. DFAP
    Descriptive Flavor Analysis Profile
  18. NMFS
    National Marine Fisheries Service
  19. CFSAN
    Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition
  20. EPA
    Environmental Protection Agency
  21. HACCP
    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  22. CCP
    Critical Control Points
  23. OSHA
    Occupational Safety & Health Act
  24. HCS
    Hazard Communication Standard
  25. MSDS
    Material Safety Data Sheet
  26. EPA
    Environmental Protection Agency
  27. BTU
    British Thermal Unit (gas specs)
  28. PSI
    Pounds per Square Inch (steam specs.)
  29. NSFI
    National Sanitation Foundation International
  30. UL
    Underwriter's Laboratories
  31. NNMRRP
    National Nutrition Monitoring and Related Research Program
  32. PedNSS
    Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System
  33. PNSS
    Pregnancy Nutrition Surveillance System
  34. NHANES
    National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
  35. WWEIA
    What We Eat in America
  36. NFCS
    Nationwide Food Consumption Surveys
  37. BRFSS
    Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
  38. YRBS
    Youth Risk Behavior Survey
  39. TANF
    Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
  40. CSFP
    Commodity Supplemental Food Program
  41. TEFAP
    The Emergency Food Assistance Program
  42. NSLP
    National School Lunch Program
  43. SBP
    School Breakfast Program
  44. ASP
    After School Snack Program
  45. SMP
    Special Milk Program
  46. SFSP
    Summer Food Service Program
  47. CACFP
    Child and Adult Care Food Program
  48. FFVP
    Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
  49. WIC
    Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children
  50. EFNEP
    Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
  51. NSIP
    Nutrition Services Incentive Program
  52. AoA
    Administration on Aging
  53. OAA
    Older Americans Act Nutrition Program
  54. SNAP
    Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  55. CMS
    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  56. CHIP
    Children's Health Insurance Program
  57. NET
    Nutrition Education Training Program
  58. SFMNP
    Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
  59. CSA
    Community Supported Agriculture Programs
  60. AHA
    American Heart Association
  61. FAO
    Food and Agriculture Organization
  62. WHO
    World Health Organization
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