Unit 10

  1. Benjamine Lundy
    published newspaper Genius of Universal Emancipation for 9 yrs
  2. William Lloyd Garrison
    published the Liberator
  3. Samuel Cornish
    editor of Freedom's Journal, proposed holding race conventions in 1827
  4. Phoenix Society
    est library, had public lectures, and encouraged educations in NYC during the 1830s
  5. New York Committee of Vigilance
    provided assistance to fugitive slave and free native blacks; est in 1835
  6. American League of Colored Laborers
    encouraged Black craftsmen to establish their own businesses
  7. Scott vs. Sanford
    case occuring after the death of Dred Scott's master (1843). After 3 yrs, Scott went to court for his freedom and was ultimately denied it by the Supreme court in 1857.
  8. Brown Fellowship Society
    organization of wealthy free mulattos in Charleston founded in 1790.
  9. Friendly Moralist Society
    organization of mulattoes in Charleston, 1860, not as prestigious as BFS
  10. John Chavis
    black preacher who opposed emancipation
  11. Who were some free black slave owners?
    • William Ellison (SC)-70
    • Andrew Dunford (LA)- 25
    • Joseph Hanscome (Charleston)- 16
    • John Gardner (SC)- 62
  12. George Wright
    free black slave owner who sold his children
  13. African Union Society
    led Back to Africa movement, founded in 1780
  14. Paul Cuffe
    who promoted emigration and Christianization of Africa, went to Sierra Leone with 38 Blacks in 1810
  15. David Walker
    free man born in Wilmington, NC wrote The Appeal
  16. Lewis Woodson
    Pittsburgh clergyman contributed to black newspaper the Colored American,
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