American Revolution Vocabulary

  1. Thomas Jefferson
    Virginia lawyer known for broad knowledge and skillfully crafted prose
  2. Samuel Adams
    Helped to found Sons of Liberty: a secret resistance group
  3. Charles Cornwallis
    Ambitious british general, captured Charlestown, South Carolina
  4. George Washington
    Led the Patriots
  5. Loyalists
    Colonists who supported the British government during the American Revolution
  6. Patriots
    Colonists who supported American independence from Britain
  7. Battle of Trenton
    Washington marched his men to Trenton where they killed 30 and took 918 captives.
  8. Valley Forge
    Site of continental army's camp during the winter of 1777-1778
  9. Battle of Saratoga
    Burgoyne surrendered army to General Gates, October 17, 1777
  10. Battle of Yorktown
    formal British surrender
  11. Treaty of Paris
    Confirmed US independence and set boundaries for the new nation
  12. Common Sense
    Thomas Paine wrote an anonymous 50 page pamphlet attacking King George III.
  13. Committees of Correspondence
    set up to communicate with other colonies about threats to American Liberties
  14. Boston Massacre
    British attack on defenseless citizens
  15. Townshend Acts
    Indirect taxes levied on imported materials
  16. Stamp Act
    Required colonists to purchase special stamped paper for every legal document, license, newspaper, pamphlet, and almanac.
  17. Tea Act
    Company didn't have to pay, but the colonists did
  18. Intolerable Act
    Parliaments response to Boston Tea Party
  19. Proclamations of 1763
    Banned all settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains
  20. Navigation Acts
    A series of laws enacted by parliament, beginning in 1651, to tighten England's control of trade in its American colonies
  21. Thomas Paine
    Wrote Common sense to attack King George III
  22. Sugar Act
    Trade law enacted by parliament in 1764 in an attempt to reduce smuggling in the British Colonies in North America.
  23. Salutary Neglect
    An English policy of relaxing the enforcement of regulations in its colonies in return for the colonies continued economic loyalty.
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