CH 29 Light Cured Gels

  1. a short chain of monomer liquids that is often thick, sticky, and gel-like and that is not long enough to be considered a polymer
  2. durability
    The chemical family of urethanes is known for high abrasion resistance and ______
  3. The difference between light cured gels is the type of photoinitiator used in the formula and the measure of _____ that photoinitiator responds to.
  4. ____ means to harden
  5. the measurement of the thickness or thinness of a liquid
  6. French or American manicure finish should use what method?
    two-color method
  7. What kind of gels are used to increase adhesion to the natural nail plate?
    Bonding gels
  8. Whats kind of gels are used to enhance the thickness of the overlay while providing a smoother surface
    self-leveling gels
  9. small, flat(or oval) bristles to hold and spread the light cured gels
    application brush
  10. Buffing after surface filing is _________ because the nail enhancements must have a slightly rough surface in order for the fiishing or glossing gels to adhere
    not necessary
  11. Light cured gels are stored in opaque & squeeze bottles for what reason?
    protection from UV exposure
  12. If your client returns tot he salon often with broken enhancements, then a gel that used ______ may be the best product for the next service
  13. How often should UV bulbs be changed depending on frquency of use?
    2 or 3 times per year
  14. Maintenance service every ____ _____ is customary for lightly cured gel enhancemnts.
    2 weeks
  15. Soft UV and LED gels are also known as what?
    soakable gels
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CH 29 Light Cured Gels
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