Medic-Chapter 1

  1. what is a system of internal and external reviews and audits of all aspects of an ems system.
    CQI continuous quality improvement.
  2. the method of not giving specifics to the participants in the study
  3. a type if study which a single case is documented and investigated.
    case study
  4. a type of study where everyone knows whats going on
    unblinded study
  5. a type of research that examines patterns of change, sequence of events or trends overtime within a certain population of study events
    cohort research
  6. WHat is an ems system
    designed to bring immediate on scene care to those in need and transport to a medical facility.
  7. what is the behavior by a certain goal or group.
  8. a snapshot of all the data collected
    cross- sectional design
  9. a research in which the subjects are manually assigned to a group. least preferred of all research.
    convenience sampling
  10. the specific question that aims to answer the method in which data will be gathered.
    research agenda
  11. what is a research format in which a observation of an event is made. but no changes to alter it.
  12. what is evidence based practice
    practices that have been proven to improve patient outcomes.
  13. what is licensure
    process whereby a state allows people to perform a regulated act.
  14. what is the research format that uses a hypothesis to prove one finding from another.
  15. what is a group of agencies working together to study a particular topic.
    research consortium.
  16. this institution follows a set of requirements that are devised by the US public health service.
    IRB institutuinal reveiw board.
  17. a form of research in which the existing literature is reviewed and the look at the collection and draw a conclusion
    literature review
  18. what is medical direction given through a set of protocalls policies and procedure
    off line medical control.
  19. what is registration
    providing information to an entity in some record book. your records and education state and local licensure and re certification
  20. what is the type of descriptive statistic in research that does not use numeric information
  21. when were helicopters first used?
    during the korean and vietnam wars.
  22. when was the national highway saftey act, and the US DOT made?
  23. what is medical direction
    direction given to the ems service or provider by physician.
  24. what is an MICU
    movile intensive care units given earlier by an ambulance style unit.
  25. measures that may be difficult to obtain in a reseaarch project
  26. a specialized set of skills knowledge and or exposure
  27. what is a type of research that gathers information as events and occur in real time?
    prospective research
  28. what is the responsibility of the medical director to ensure that the medical care standards are met by ems personel on each call
    Quality control
  29. what is the area that will be impacted by a study called?
    research domain
  30. what is the collaboration of pre-hospital and in hospital medicine that focuses on optimizing the uses of resources in reducing the mortality and morbidity of trauma patients.
    trauma systems
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