Abolutism and James I

  1. What is absolutism?
    a political belief that all power should be given to one ruler
  2. where was absolutism found in 17th century Europe?
    England and France
  3. What was the usual form of absolutism government?
  4. James was the king of what two countries?
    England and Scotland
  5. What were the three groups of Christians in England when James I became king?
    • Catholics
    • Anglicans
    • Puritans
  6. What did the Anglicans want from James I?
    that he would continue to practice the Protestant beliefs he had learned in Scotland
  7. What did the Puritans want from James I?
    they wanted him to "purify" the Protestant church even more of all Catholic influences
  8. How did the Puritans approach the King with their requests?
    They brought him a petition signed by a thousand Puritans and requested a meeting with him.
  9. What were 3 results of the meeting between the Puritans and the King?
    • 1)the King rejected all their ideas
    • 2)the King got very angry
    • 3)he made all Puritan services illegal
  10. What did James do that made the Catholics angry?
    • he made anyone who refused to go to Anglican services pay a fine
    • he made all the Catholic priests leave the country
  11. Who led the Catholic Rebellion against King James?
    • Robert Catesby
    • Guy Fawkes
  12. What is the story of the Rebellion against James I and the Protestants in Parliament?
    • they planned to dig a tunnel under Parliament, fill it up with gunpowder and blow up Parliament
    • when the tunnel started filling with water, they just took the gunpowder into the Parliament building basement but were discovered
    • Guy Fawkes was tortured until he confessed and then he was executed
    • (Now they celebrate Guy Fawkes day in England)
  13. Did James believe he had to obey the laws of England?
    no, he said, "the King is above the law"
  14. Did James think he was God?
    • he thought he was a type of god, because he held the power of life and death over all his subjects
    • he thought it was a crime for anyone to argue with him or to try to stop him from doing exactly as he pleased
  15. What did James do to Parliament when they resisted doing his will?
    he sent them all home and ruled Englad without them
  16. What is James remembered for the most?
    the King James Version, a Bible translation into English
  17. What years did James I rule?

    a) 1603-1625
    b) 1600-1630
    c) 1610-1630
    d) 1606-1626
  18. How was it that James IV of Scotland came to be king of England?
    Queen Elizabeth I of England had previously had her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots, killed for treason. Little did she know that she would never have children of her own and that Mary's son James would become her heir when she died.
  19. What was it that the King and Parliament fought over so much?
    Financial issues
  20. What was the name of James I family line?
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