Earth Science Chapter 5 BJU University

  1. What is a Super Continent?
    It is the idea of there only being on continent, and it being the size of all continents put together.
  2. What is the Pangea?
    it is the belief that there used to be a mega continent being in one part of the world.
  3. What is the glacial period?
    It is the idea that earth used to be covered in great continental glaciers.
  4. What is a stratum?
    it is a rock layer.
  5. What is the name of a chart which graphs anything from the beginning of time until present day.
    It is called a geologic column.
  6. What is the name of a chart which labels different stratums layered on top of each other?
    It is called the Principle of Superposition.
  7. What is the name of a scientist that studies the layers of rocks?
  8. What is a fossil?
    It is a press or indention into any surface where an object used to lay.
  9. Where did Speciation take place?
    It took place in different places all around the world.
  10. What is the study of earth's bedrock, volcanoes, mountains, and earthquakes called?
    It is called techtonics.
  11. What are synclines that stretch over ten to maybe hundreds of miles long that take a large section of the earth's crust?
    These were called geosynclines.
  12. What is the continental drift theory?
    It is the idea that the earth's techtonic plates crashed together forming mountains.
  13. What are tectonic plates?
    They are plates that make up the earths surface and divides differ. parts of the earth.
  14. What is thermal runaway?
    It is
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Earth Science Chapter 5 BJU University
Chapter 5 Earth Science BJU University