CH 28 Monomer liquid and polymer nail enhancements

  1. Sculptured nails; created by combining a chemical known as ______ liquid mixed with _______ _______
    monomer; polymer poweder
  2. The ingredients in 2-part monomer liquid and polymer poweder enhancement systems belong to a branch of the acylic family called ________
  3. Mono means one and mer stands for units, soa monomer is one unit called a _____
  4. ______ means a substance formed by combining many small molecules into very long, chain-like structures
  5. The tip of the brush is then touched so the surface of the dry polymer powder, and, as the monomer liquid absorbs the polymer poweder, a ___ ____ of product forms
    small bead
  6. a widely used monomer with a long hisory of safe use in medical and dental procedures. It is fine for making bulletproof windows and shatterproof eyeglasses
  7. The polymer powder is made using ______
  8. In order for this process to begin, the monomers and polymers require special additives called ______, additives designed to speed up chemical reactions
  9. The ______ found in polymer powderm, when activated by a catalyst, will spring into action and cause monomer molecules to permanently link together into long polymer chains
  10. The initiator that is added to the polymer powder is called
    benzoyl peroxide (BPO)
  11. When applying a nail enhancement, surface moisture and tiny amunts of oil left on the natural nail plate will ____ _____
    block adhesion
  12. Sicne acid-based nail primer is corrosive to the skin and potentially dangerous to the eyes, ______ and ________ _______ were developed
    acid-free and non-acid
  13. _____ ______ are an alternative when a hand washing station is not available, but they do not clean the hands
    hand sanitizers
  14. A _______ abrasive is stron enough to thin enhancemnt product to prepare the enhancement for a refill or rebalance
  15. A ________ abrasive is used for initial shaping of the perimeter of the nail
  16. A _____ is a buffer used to create a high shine
  17. ____ ____ are placed under the freee dge of the natural nail and used as a guide to extend the nail enhancements beyong the fingertips for additional length
    nail forms
  18. _____ ____ are performed nail extensions made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene(ABS) or tenite acetate plastic
    Nail tips
  19. The monomer luqyud and polymer and polymer powder are each poured into a special container called a ____ ____
    dappen dish
  20. Avoid ____ _____ _____ since they can hold exvessive amounts of liquid and alter the mix ratio of the powder and liquid
    overly large brushes
  21. Dust masks prevent inhalation of excessive amounts of dust, but htey provide no protection form _____
  22. Store all polymers and liquids separate form each other in a ___.____ _____
    cool, dark area
  23. The ____, also known as arch, is the area of the nail with the most strength; oval shaped and is located in the center of the nail
  24. In the salon, a ______ % C-curve is the average.
  25. ____ _____ inside a nail enhancement, are created when nail art is sandwiched between 2 layers of product while the nail enhancement is being formed
    Inlaid designs
  26. Apply more prodct near the eponychium, sidewalls, and free edge if needed to complete the application. Be sure that the product in these areas remains ____ for a natural-looking nail.
  27. The nail enhancements s should make a _____ _______ when lightly tapped with a brush handle
    clicking sound
  28. To remover powder/liquid nail enhancement product, soak the client's nail enhancemtns for __ to ___ ______ or as long as needed to remove enhancement product.
    20 to 30 minutes
  29. For Nail Enhancement removal use a wooden or metal pusher to ___ ___ __ ___ _____ _______
    gently push off the softened enhancement
  30. Do not pry a nail enhancement with nippers, as this will do what?
    damage the natural nail plate
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