1. 1. Babur
    Founder of the Mughal (Persian for Mongol) dynasty in India. He is allegedly a descendent of Tamerlane
  2. 2. Akbar the Great
    The grandson of Babur. His father (Hamayun) was kicked out of India
  3. 3. Aurangzeb
    son of Shah Jahan. He put his father in prison
  4. 4. Jizya
    tax paid by non muslims living in a muslim state. Allows them to worship their own god and not be condemned by islam.
  5. 5. Taj Mahal
    structure built by shah Jahan to remember his wife who died in childbirth. It took 20000 men and 20 yrs to complete. It blends both Iranian and Indian styles.
  6. 6. Shah Jahan
    grandson of Akbar. He rebelled against his father and killed all of his closest relatives. As emperor of the world
  7. 7. Agra
    city where the Taj Mahal is located. Also where Akbar built his Red Fort.
  8. 8. Rajput
    Rebel force in Rajastan that kept invaders into southern india at bay.
  9. 9. Rajastan
    desert region where the rajputs are very well acclimated to but invaders are not.
  10. 10. Marathas
    military enemies of the Mughals. Lived in mountain area behind the vindhyas.
  11. 11. Maharashtra
    area where the Marathas lived. Means great country.
  12. 12. Sikh
    a religious group that grew out of the bhakti movement. After their leader was executed they developed a defensive military. Saw themselves as their own state. They were encouraged to eat meat in order to gain strength and to distinguish themselves from other hindus. They supported Dara on the throne
  13. 13. Guru Nanak
    founder of Sikhism. Tried to make a compromise between Islam and Hinduism. Said " man will be saved by his works alone. God will not ask a man his tribe or sect. but what he has done. There is no hindu and no muslim. All are children of god.
  14. 14. Guru Govind Singh
    Organized the Sikhs into a political power and military. He made his troops swear to never cut their hair and not partake in tobacco or alcohol. His four sons were captured by Aurangzeb and tortured to death for not converting to islam.
  15. 15. Shivaji
    Maratha leader. He came to power just as Indians became willing to resit Aurangzeb. Shivaji raided many Mughal cities and gained a lot of land for the Marathas. He was captured by the Mughals
  16. 16. Pastoral
    Hunting animals who graze on the plains and gaining energy through their milk and meat
  17. 17. Steppe
    environment of central asia.
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