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  1. The SELPHY® CP800 Compact Photo Printer can print a lab-quality borderless 4" x 6" photo in approximately how many seconds?
    47 Seconds
  2. Which setting on the SELPHY® CP800 Compact Photo Printer can create prints in Vivid, Neutral, Sepia, B/W, or Positive Film?
    My Colors
  3. Which setting in the CP800 allows users to create a 'collage-like' image, including up to 20 photos?
    Shuffle Print
  4. It's easy to view and print pictures with the _____ screen on the SELPHY® CP800 Compact Photo Printer.
    2.5" Tilt
  5. What enhancement to Easy-PhotoPrint EX allows users to pull images from an online photo sharing website?
    Flickr Image Retrieval
  6. Which printers utilize gray ink, allowing for great black and white photos as well as well-balanced color photos?
    Both the MG6120 and the MG8120
  7. New to Auto Photo Fix 2, this feature automatically removes unwanted hues or tints from photos.
    Color Cast Correction
  8. Which software, included with the CP800, allows users to turn their computer into a digital printing kiosk?
    SELPHY Photo Print
  9. Which Canon software allows users to find, freeze, and frame their favorite Canon HD video moments?
    Full HD Movie Print
  10. Photos printed on the CP800 are capable of lasting up to how many years with Dye-Sublimation technology?
    100 yearsRefresher
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