Standing Poses

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    Tadasana -mountain pose 

    • Press down into your feet and draw energy up your legs
    • Feet-together or separate
    • second toe in line with center of ankle, mat
    • Draw your legs towards one another
    • Lift your kneecaps up, activating your quads
    • Draw your belly in an dup and move your tailbone down towards your heels
    • Shoulders move down and back 
    • Broaden the collar bone look up
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    Ardha Uttanasana- Half Intense Stretch Pose 

    • INHALE-lengthen the spine away from your thighs, send your heart forward, abdominals draw in and 
    • Feet-separate or together, pressing evenly
    • Knee caps lift and abdominals draw in and up to protect the lower back and help extend the spine
    • Press finger pads into the floor as wide as shoulders so that your chest can pull through 
    • Back of the neck is long and gase is down and out in front of you
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    Uttanasana-Intense stretch pose

    • Feet hip width apart or big toes touch and heel separate
    • second toe parrele to edge of the mat
    • Press down evenly into the ball of the foot and heels
    • Drag your legs towards each other activitating the inner thighs
    • knee caps lift
    • abdominals lift in and up 
    • Back of the neck long, head extends towards the toes
    • Shines move forward towards the front of the mat and thigh bones move back into the pelvis 
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    Utkatasana- Chair Pose

    • 1 INHALE drop your seat and sweep your arms up 
    • 2 INHALE lengthen the spine 3-5 breathes
    • 3 EXHALE fold uttansana 
    • Feet- separated or together, second toe in line
    • Press into the feet evenly 
    • Lift kneecaps up and move thighs back and apart to balance the shins moving forward
    • Abdominals in and up 
    • Sit back a little more 
    • Inhale to lengthen the spine 
    • Arms stretch over head, biceps roll in towards the midline
    • Gaze forward
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    • High Lunge-
    • Bend your front knee until your knee is over your ankle
    • Back leg is straight-lift the back thigh towards the ceiling
    • spine is extended, arms reach towards the sky
    • Press down into the feet and drag them towards each other 
    • Hug your outer leg in, draw inner thighs together to create stability
    • Chest is lifting up and possibly back
    • Gaze is forward or up
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