Geometry Principles

  1. Principle 1
    A Straight line is the shortest line vetween two points
  2. principle 2
    only  one straight line can be drawn between two points
  3. prin. 3
    Two straight lines can intersect at only one point
  4. Prin. 4
    Quantities (line) equal to the same quantity (line) are equal to each other
  5. Prin. 5
    The whole is greater than any of its parts
  6. Prin. 6
    If equals are added to equals, the sums are equal
  7. Prin. 8
    If equals are subtracted from equals, then the remainders are equal
  8. Prin. 9
    Doubles of equals are equal
  9. Prin. 10
    Halves of equals are equal
  10. Principle 11
    If the first of three quantities is grater than the second, and the second is greater than the third, then the first  is greater than the third
  11. principle 12
    all strait angles are equal
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