1. 1. Yang Di
    Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty
  2. 2. Li Bai (or Li Bo or Li Po)
    Poet of the Tang Dynasty. About 1800 of his 20000 poems survive. He allegedly drowned while leaning
  3. 3. Du Fu
    Another Tang Dynasty poet.
  4. 4. Chang An
    capital of the Tang empire
  5. 5. Annam
    central Vietnam.
  6. 6. Taizong
    An Tang emperor. He encouraged education and during his time Buddhism was popular. after he defeated Tibet
  7. 7. Wu Zhao (Empress Wu)
    A consort and empress of Tai Zong's son
  8. 8. Xuan Zong
    Emperor who further encouraged learning and artwork. When he aged
  9. 10. An Lushan
    a regional commander who eventually started a rebellion and captured Chang' an in 755. His troops drove Xuan Zong and Lady Yang south. An Lushan was murdered by his son in 757 and order was resumed in 762
  10. 11. Su Dongpo (Su Shi)
    a song dynasty poet/painter. He often combined the two media.
  11. 12. Wang Anshi
    chief counselor during Shen Zong's rule of the Song dynasty. Wang tried controlling prices by offering low rate government loans to peasents. He ended merchant monopolies and readjusted the tax system based on productivity of the land. Wang also tried buyinghorses and increasing the size of each districts militia. He also made more government schools so that people who couldn't afford private education had a chance to take the exams. He also reformed the exams to test intelligence rather than memory. He was removed in 1076
  12. 13. Shen Zong
    a young emperor during the song period. He appointed Wang Anshi as chief counselor.
  13. 14. Jurchen
    A barbarian group on the northern frontier of china. Allied with the song dynasty to defeat the Qidan along the northeastern border. Unfortunately
  14. 15. Zhu Xi
    a philosopher who founded neo-Confucianism. He performed early science especially relating to geologic uplift. He argued that through Confucian discipline
  15. 16. Chinghis Khan (Ghengis Khan)
    Unified several mongol and other tribes. They first attacked the Jurchen in the North
  16. 17. Kubilai Khan
    The grandson of Chinghis Khan. Kubilai rarely lost an engagement and even rarer a campaign. An able ruler who rebuilt the grand canal
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