SAT Vocab Cartoons I

  1. Beleaguer
    To besiege, beset, surround, harass
  2. Milieu
    Environment or Surroundings
  3. Porcine
    pertaining to a pig
  4. Lassitude
    listlessness; Lazzy Dude
  5. Coterie
    a circle of close associates or friends; Coat for three
  6. Laconic
    brief, using few words; Lacking tonic
  7. Harrowing
    Extremely distressed, frightening; Hair not growing
  8. Irascible
    Easily angered; Wrestle bulls
  9. Grandiloquent
    attempting to impress with big words; Grandiosely Elle-gent
  10. Dromedary
    One-humped domesticated camel; Roaming Dairy
  11. Noxious
    Physically or mentally destructive
  12. Harangue
    to lecture, berate; Hearing Long
  13. Atrophy
    to wither away
  14. Beget
    to give birth to
  15. Curtail
    to truncate, abridge; Cut the Cat tail
  16. Craven
  17. Fjord
    narrow inlet from the sea between steep cliffs
  18. Citadel
  19. Curvilinear
    formed, bound or characterized by curved lines; Curvy Lines
  20. Draconian
    Hard, severe, cruel
  21. Gird
    to encircle as with a belt
  22. Elfin
    small and sptightly
  23. Claimant
    person making a claim
  24. Missanthorpy
    Hatred of mankind
  25. Cloister
    a tranquil, secluded place
  26. Insouciant
    calm and carefree; South Sea Ant
  27. Sundry
    various, several
  28. Pique
    irritation, resentment stemming from wounded pride
  29. Callow
    immature and inexperienced
  30. Euphonious
    Pleasing to the ear
  31. Mores
    Customary cultural standards
  32. Cacje
    a hiding place
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