Open Burns

  1. Which two types of open burns are allowed in Sarasota county?
    recreational and cooking fires
  2. Define a recreational fire?
    a fire that is burned for pleasure and must be confined in a fire pit or bowl.
  3. Define a cooking fire
    open fire used for cooking food for human consumption must be contained in a grill or similar device.
  4. What are the approved fuels for open burns?
    • Dry, untreated natural wood
    • Charcoal
    • LPG
    • Natural Gas
    • Butane
  5. What are some things that people must consider when performing open burns?
    • High Wind
    • Proximity to structures
    • Amount of smoke
    • Impact on neighboring houses
  6. What kind of fuel is not permitted to be burnt?
    • Yard waste
    • Household trash
    • Commercial trash
  7. Recreational fires must be how far away from any structure?
    25 feet away
  8. When conducting an open burn what must be present?
    A means of suppression. Ex. a water hose, shovel, water buckets, etc.
  9. An open burn must be how far away from a roadway?
    at least 50 feet away
  10. What are the time frames that open burns are allowed?
    Between 10 am and 11 pm
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