AI Programming

  1. The style of programming in a game is still very different from that in any other type of software development. One of the software development elements that a game developer will face is mastering _________ programming.
    Artificial Intelligence
  2. Making computers able to perform the thinking tasks that humans and animals are capable of.
    Artificial intelligence
  3. Game Development has its own technical world:
    • Idioms
    • Skills
    • Challenges
  4. AI Programming Algorithm Categories:
    • Movement
    • Path Finding
    • Decision Making
    • Tactical and Strategy
    • Learning
  5. Each character has a current position and possibly additional physical properties that control its _________.
  6. A ___________ is designed to use these properties to work out where your game characters should be next.
    movement algorithm
  7. (T/F) Some movement algorithms require very little input: the position of the character and the position of an enemy to chase, for example. Others require a lot of interaction with the game state and the level geometry.
  8. Movement Properties and Terminologies:
    • Force
    • Distance
    • Speed
    • Velocity
    • Rotation
    • Direction
    • Gravity
    • Kinematics
    • Steering Behaviors
  9. ________ use static data (position and orientation, no velocities) and output a desired velocity. The output is often simply an on or off and a target direction, moving at full speed or being stationary.
    Kinematic movement algorithms
  10. Do not use acceleration, although the abrupt changes in velocity might be smoothed over several frames.
    Kinematic algorithms
  11. A __________ behavior takes as input the character’s and their target’s static data.
    kinematic seek
  12. If we want the character to run away from their target, we can simply reverse the second line of the getSteering method to give.
    Kinematic Seek > Flee
  13. The algorithm shown is intended for use by a chasing character; it will never reach its goal, but continues to seek.
    Kinematic Seek > Arriving
  14. A ____________ behavior always moves in the direction of the character's current orientation with maximum speed.
    kinematic wander
  15. The ________ behavior modifies the character’s orientation, which allows the character to meander as it moves forward.
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