Ch. 16 & 17 Quiz

  1. The ultimate goals of the male reproductive system is to
    join sperm with an egg, in an environment that favors fertilization
  2. The seminal vesicles produce __________, to serve as the energy source to fuel sperm motility.
  3. The portion of a sperm cell that contains digestive enzymes for penetrating the egg is called
    the acrosome
  4. At the beginning of each ovarian cycle, which of the following hormone causes the development of a primary oocyte?
  5. If fertilization does not occur following release of the egg by the ovary, then the __________ will degenerate approximately two weeks after ovulation.
    corpus luteum
  6. During which phase of the cell cycle is DNA replicated?
    S phase
  7. During DNA replication, complementary nucleotides are added to the seperated strands of the original DNA by enzymes. Which of the following bases would a nucleotide contain if it were paired to a nucleotide contain thymine?
  8. One an RNA molecule has been transcribed from DNA, it enters the cytoplasm of the cell where it is used by the cell to produce a
  9. The mRNA produced initially by transcription is larger than the "functional" version because
    the primary transcript is educed in size as introns are excised.
  10. The processes of initiations, elongation, and termination that occur in the production of a protein are all associated with
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Ch. 16 & 17 Quiz
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