Ch. 20 DNA Technology and Genetic Engineering

  1. Technique of using a plasmid DNA to insert another species DNA into a bacterium or plant is called ___________.
    vector transfer
  2. The science that involves the planned modification, insertion, or deletion of genes from the genetic makeup of an organism is __________.
    genetic engineering
  3. In order to synthesize DNA is a laboratory, the enzyme __________ must be used to facilitate the addition of nucleotides on the new strand.
    DNA polymerase
  4. A ___________ is one that reads the same from left to right on one strand of DNA as it does from right to left on the other strand.
  5. In recombinant DNA technology, DNA is cut at specific nucleotide sequence by __________ enzymes.
  6. The technique used to make millions of identical copies of DNA from a small sample in a test tube is __________.
    polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
  7. Organisms that have been genetically engineered to carry one or more foreign genes are known as __________ organisms.
  8. According to the text, the "workhorses" of the genetic engineering industry are __________.
  9. Transgenic bacteria are presently used to produce __________, which can be administered to humans or other animals to prepare the immune system for a possible infection by disease-causing organism.
  10. Short single-stranded pieces of DNA called __________ attach to a DNA template to serve as the beginning site of DNA replication.
  11. The process of producing pharmaceuticals in farm animals is __________.
    gene farming
  12. The inserting of human genes into human cells to treat a disease is known as __________.
    gene therapy
  13. Gene therapy requires that genes be delivered to cells and incorporated into the cells' DNA; transporters of these gens are known as ____________.
  14. Programmed cell death in somatic cells in known as __________.
  15. __________ is useful technique in criminal investigations because humans contain many copies of repeating or junk sequences, the length of which can be unique to an individual.
    DNA fingerprinting
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